Bielema's system works. We don't have his system.

CBB promised to build his system around the OL. He develops players. He puts O-Linemen in the NFL. By emphasizing the OL, we’re supposed to control the clock with the running game, and play action passing game. We’re supposed to protect the QB, and attract top RBs. Start with the OL, and everything else falls into place. That’s not what we have now.

If we consistently had an SEC top-4 OL, even with issues on D, we would have won 10 a year ago, and we’d be 3-0 this year. Why do we not have what our coach says we emphasize? Will Bielema ever consistently have a top-level OL, as he promised? It’s not just the loss of Pittman, there are other good OL coaches. Is Kurt Anderson really a bad OL coach? We beat out top-tier teams in recruiting for many of the O-Linemen on campus. Did we miss on that many? We’re supposed to be OL-U, but you could argue that Nutt consistently had better OL tandems than what we’ve seen with Bielema.

I’m 100% bought in with the system that Bielema promised. It will work in the SEC, but we still don’t have it in year 5.

Will CBB ever turn us into OL-U, as he promised?

I think this is legit criticism and the most damning commentary on coach B

The O line is supposedly his DNA.

Being in this position in year 5 on O line is unbelievable.

Given we have regressed over time and our best OL is graduating I would suggest that Bielema’s promise to make us " OL U" will go unfulfilled .

The offense scored 43 points with a bad line and inexperienced receivers. The biggest problem with this teami is the poor defense. 4-3,3-4, it doesn’t matter if you play not to lose like we do on defense. We don’t have the needed talent or speed on defense…a bad combination. Coach Rhodes has been dealt a bad hand, now he has to do the best he can with it. The only criticism I have of Coach Rhodes or maybe it comes from Coach Bielema is the defensive mindset of bend but don’t break. We bent and broke yesterday, just like we have for 5 years. How many times do we have to give up 40-50 points and over 500 yards of total offense before we start challenging the offense?

You have an Aggie quarterback with very little experience, and you never pressure him. Why? The Aggies put constant pressure on Austin Allen and affected his performance a great deal. The Aggie freshman quarterback passed for over 200 yards and ran for over 100 yards. The Aggies 2 playmakers were the quarterback and Christian Kirk. We never really took either one out of their game…never really tried.

Under Bielema’s system, the offense is supposed to be our best defense. We’re supposed to control the clock, shorten the game, and keep the other team’s offense off the field.

I don’t care what Bielema’s system is. No team is going to be successful without a good defense. Look at the two best teams in the SEC, Alabama and Georgia. Both have outstanding defenses. Bama gave up 0 to a solid Vandy team and Georgia gave up 3 to a good MSU offense. We routinely give up 40+ to good SEC teams. We gave up 50…50 to a beleagured Aggie squad whose coach is on the hottest of hot seats who played a freshman quarterback whom we made look like Joe Montana.

You mean Barry Alvarez’s system.

Put it this way. I love BB, and think he is a great dude. I personally think he is in over his head and no matter where he goes, he will always be a mediocre coach. I really believed it could get it done here. I really did. The problem with him is it’s the same ol’ same ol’ every year.

This is the 4th time in 5 games against aTm that BB has had a 10 point lead or more and lost.

He is a good/great HC when Barry Alvarez is in his meeting rooms all week before a game and at halftime.

The proof is in the pudding now after 5 years…BB cant win WITHOUT BARRY ALVAREZ.