Bielema's response to death of Ragnow's father shows he cares — again

When Frank went home after his fathers passing, Coach B and Jen flew up there with him.

That is so awesome.

There is NO question CBB “Gets It”
After watching Clemson play, I’m sure glad he is our Coach.


That says so much about him and how much he cares for his players. It goes along way with me and surly it does with the team. I hope he is rewarded soon. This is a tough business that is measured by how 18 -22 year old young men (is there anything any more flighty) play on Saturday. He is class.

Life is much bigger than football. When life hits you, it hurts. Coach B seems to understand this and see his players as more than merely a body to fill a roster. I pray for Frank and his family, and I am thankful he has a person in his life like Coach B to be there for him when it matters most. As a football coach and as a person, Coach B is not perfect. Nobody is on this Earth. However, I would let my kid play for that man without even considering my adoration for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

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Terribly sad situation, but Bielema’s reaction to it again drives home how much he genuinely cares for his players and their families.

No doubt, not only got the plane for the kid, but made the trip with him. Impressive.

Coaches are measured in the long run by Ws and Ls, and when they are paid $4 million-plus a year, rightfully so. However, too often we forget there is a man behind those wins/losses and all that money, and I deeply appreciate CBB the Man even if I may have some differences with CBB the Coach. If I had a son who could play at that level, I’d much rather send him to someone who I know will take care of him. That is not a knock on any other coach we’ve had, but I like a coach who says I will take care of your son and literally means it. Frank Ragnow will remember that plane ride for the rest of his life, not just for the mourning process but for who was willing to go with him.

Proud of Bret and what he stands for

Insiders a question on NCAA rules when something like this happens?

I’ve said before that I like winning, but I mostly want a program that I can be proud of with coaches and players who say and do the right thing for the right reasons. This is another reason I am proud of our program. Coach B has been a stand-up guy since day one and I appreciate that kind of man. When I listen to our players speak it is obvious that they are a fine group. I think we are very fortunate to have such a quality program where integrity matters. Go Hogs! Beat Alabama!!

Condolences to the Ragnow Family.
Thank You CBB and Jen for being there for this fine young man in his time of need.

is the best coach - and I think most would likely take Bobby Petrino - there is no doubt who is the better person between those two coaches.

He was such a comfort to me when my mom and brother were killed in the car wreck last December.

There are lots of examples for the care factor with Bret and his coaches. It is clear that he thinks about that as he hires coaches.

Sincere thoughts and prayers to Frank and his family. Wonderful to know his mom trusted Bielema to help soften the tragic news. This is an example of the character I would want speaking into my son’s life as a coach.

I am a huge fan of our coach. Stories like this just reinforce my opinion of him and how he treats his staff and team. Very proud to have Coach Bielema leading our Razorbacks!!

Go Hogs Go!! Beat Bama!!