Bielema's off the hook now

We no longer have the biggest choke of the 2016 football season. I’d put ATL’s gag up there with any that I have ever seen/heard/read about. #greatestchokeofalltime.

Well what a note worthy way to look at it! Now we make 2nd on the choke list what a joy!

We still have 2 of the biggest chokes of OUR 2016 season…and that’s all that really matters around here.

If I remember correctly, the last two teams we gave a game to did NOT have a Tom Brady at QB. Not quite the same thing.

I was wondering if BB quit and went to coach for the falcons at half time. That was bizarre.

Don’t think that was as much of a choke as it was the Pats taking it. Now, Atlanta’s last few plays on there drive for the winning FG that did not happen could be called a choke or more like a big brain fart.

Still, Alanta isgoing to be good. They have a very good young team that can move.

The ultimate tease, go way up in the first half and start shinning that trophy early in the third quarter. There are a lot of ropes being thrown over tree limbs in Georgia today.