Bielema's biggest win?

This AP article suggests the TCU win may have been Bielema’s biggest yet at Arkansas: … n-success/

I am still surprised that folks refer to the loss to Toledo as though we had lost to South Carolina State. Also, they continuously ignore the fact that we’d lost two critical players, and nearly doubled the yardage of Toledo.

That said, I think the win over TCU is as huge as Toledo’s win over Arkansas.


I honestly don’t think most–even most “national” writers or tv heads–do their homework. If they did, they wouldn’t, among other things, refer to us like we might as well be a wishbone team or act like we (annually) have no shot against teams like OM and LSU that we routinely beat or play very well against.


Biggest win to date. Texas and KSU beat downs were expected. LSU wins were expected by most Hog fans.

What made this win so BIG was the how.

Beating a ranked TCU on the road in OT after blowing a 13 point lead was BIG TIME. Most teams would have collapsed with a rookie QB in his second start behind an inexperienced OL, behind 28-20 late in the Fourth after losing the lead and failing to score from the two. I seriously doubt the Hogs would have won this game the previous three seasons (second game of the season on the road) after being out scored 21-0.

The Hogs displayed tremendous heart, mental toughness and a “Never Yield” attitude.


Hey Matt,

While I agree that the quality of this TCU was huge, to me nothing compares to last year’s win at Ole Miss. Interesting thing is that we won in similar fashion with crazy plays that happened to bounce in our favor at the end of the game. But at this point, the implications of the Ole Miss game loom larger, since if OM would have won the game, they would have in the SEC CG and Bama likely would not have had the chance to play for the NC. So, I still say OM game was his biggest win, but this one is pretty dang close.

I think it’s a bit too early to tell for sure, but I understand the idea. This is the first big win we’ve had this early in the season so it’s the first big win we can really build on. Big wins the past two years were big because they salvaged seasons. Made bad ones into pretty good ones. After that 1-3 start last year, the win against TN was huge, but only because we followed with wins over Auburn, OM, & LSU. They dulled the impact of the later loss to MSU. Our win over MU was expected, but then our bowl win was big.

The year before, the blowout wins over OM & LSU were big because they gave the fans hope that CBB was turning the program around. They were big for him because it got him fan support.

As big as the TCU win is, it becomes almost meaningless if we lose the next 3 conference games.

So TCU is a huge win–right now.

Road wins at LSU and Ole Miss easily bigger program wins in my humble opinion. They set the stage for the TCU win and at harder places to win.

A Big win for sure coach, but please lets get to work on Texas St like they are the defending National Champions and keep these young mens mind on continued improvement and one game at a time state of mind!!! If we get a big lead would like to see some of Storey getting a late quarter in just in case needed in a important game as well as protecting Austin! AA has shown he is a gamer and this team and their 1st 2 game finishes could build this teams confidence and beliefs that for most certain, WHY NOT US!!! WOO PIG SOOOOOOOIIIIEEEEE!!! KEEP ER GOING BOYS!!!

I think the LSU win 2 yrs. ago at home is the biggest. It gave us all hope. Then it was followed by a shutout over olemiss bears.

The TCU win can be big if the team follows it up with other wins. Right now we are 2-0 when most were thinking 1-1. That could very well mean a great season as many were predicting 9 wins with a 1-1 start.

I remember what Lou said during the Orange Bowl season about big games. He said that each win makes the next game bigger. There is a lot to that I think.

Great win over TCU, but that Ole Miss win gutted the Rebels and ruined their chances to win the West and the SEC. Both the Ole Miss and LSU win last year were bigger than TCU, in my view.

We will forever remember Hunter Henry and the miracle play that the Hogs made to crush the Rebels. It helped us get to a bowl and finish strong.

I think the two wins over LSU and Ole Miss 2 years ago back to back 17-0 and 30-0 were the biggest wins. I would like a 3 peat on beating both of those teams this year. The score this year would not matter as long as its a win.