Bielema wins his first game at Illinois

Tried to cough up a 21 point lead but held on to beat Nebraska 30-22. A Big Ten conference win. One more conference win than Chad got replacing him here. But they lost their starting QB so we’ll see where it goes from here.

And Scott Frost is digging his own grave at Nebraska. I can’t imagine they’ll have much more patience with him unless he gets it turned around quick.

Good for him, hope it works out there.

Going against a former assistant coach, Barry Lunney and UTSA next week.

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They lost him pretty early in the game and still played pretty good… so it might not be a big factor.

Nebraska is in trouble–again.

They should beat Fordham next week In their third game they play Buffalo, which has a new coach who was hired late and lost a lot of guys to portal, so again Nebraska should win that one, too.

But in week four they play at Oklahoma, and they also have Michigan and Ohio State on the schedule from the other BIG division. They are going to have a hard time making it to 6-6, which probably won’t be enough for Frost to survive in his fourth year.

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