Bielema updates Michigan series replacement … t-next-mo/

Was Arkansas playing at Michigan next year?

If so, it looks like Michigan replaced Arkansas with Air Force next year.

No - series was to have started in 18.

And they quite publicly dumped us to play Notre Dame instead.

Correct. They dropped us to play the Irish.

Sounds like the replacement will be Power 5; I don’t think anything else would be “fun to talk about” or “exciting”, with maybe the exception of BYU. And BYU’s September 2018 schedule is booked full of Power 5 teams already.

No idea if this is one of the possibilities, but I looked at Oregon’s schedule for 2018. They have three September games against mid-majors, including Bowling Green for the opener, which is the weekend we need. And they suddenly stink. Now might be a good time to pick them up.