Bielema to Florida

Apologize for the Subject, but…

Bielema’s system could be very successful at a program that gets top recruiting classes every year with size, speed and depth. If Florida, or Tenn, or A&M or Auburn (should Malzahn leave) miss on their 1st, 2nd, 3rd choices, does Bielema’s contract prevent him from taking an SEC job, even though he was fired? Isn’t Jen from Florida?

Yes, Jen is from Florida. I cannot imagine the PTB at Florida settling for an Arkansas reject. I will not be at all surprised if BB is successful at his next job, as long as it’s not in the SEC West.

Hard to imagine you’re being serious.

Call me crazy, but yes, I think he’d be a perfect fit at Auburn, should Malzahn leave. He wasn’t a great fit here, but Bielema’s proven he can win championships when he has the talent and depth. He’d step into a good situation at Auburn. We should have beaten Bama when we had the OL and D in 2014, played them close in 2015, and gave them fits in 2016, even with a poor OL and poor D.

Some of these programs may find it difficult to hire their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choice. Auburn hired Gene Chizik following a 3-9 and 2-10 seasons at Iowa St. Yes, I know he had a history at Auburn.

Probably makes good sense, but not going to happen. There would be a total revolt at those programs. Would probably save us some $, but Bret can also step aside and enjoy his 11MIl and family.

I predict he coaches at the G5 level or heads to the broadcast booth

Someone’s house would get burned if either school made that hire.

There’s a thread favoring Sumlin as our next HC, should he be fired at A&M. If Sumlin can win bigger at Arkansas with less talent than he’s had at A&M, why can’t Bielema win big at A&M, UF, Aub or Tenn with more talent than he had here?

It’s not so far fetched. If I were an AD at one of these schools and my top few targets turned me down, I’d hire Bielema over an OC or DC. With so many openings, there’s a good chance some of these schools are not going to get their 1st, 2nd or 3rd choices.

I think the more likely job for him would be UCF

The only problem with CBB coaching very long at Florida is they fire coaches that win back-to-back East titles and one losing season.

CBB could win at FL, Bama, Aub, GA or any of those schools with that talent level.
Million $ question is; Can any of those Coaches there win at AR with our talent & recruiting history? Including Saban.

First, I agree with you. It is not a 100% certainty, but he is a good coach and a good man and the players love him. I could see him going to Florida and winning with such a large recruiting pool, but he needs far less Florida recruit misses than he had here.
Second, your thread triggered the show of insecurity and inferiority complexes that exist within some of the fan base. In some cases they do not even know it.
You can read the “Florida would never want one of our rejects” and such and such a coach would never be able to win here. “Not even Saban”. And yet those same people believe that we should expect better and the next coach will be the one that takes us to the top. Well if Saban can’t do that who will? And this is what makes this such a complicated issue for which some people think they have all the answers.
Is CBB a good coach? His pre-Arkansas history says yes. Heck yes.
Is Arkansas an unwinnable environment? All history says no. Heck no! Other coaches have had great success in football and other sports.
Was Jeff Long a bad AD? The facilities and other sports’ success says no. The stories of his firing says he pissed off some good ol’ boys with money and a hunger for control and perhaps that makes him a bad AD for an Arkansas school or any school where money guys can control the BOT.
So now, as I understand it, we need to fill those jobs with men (or women???) with strong Arkansas ties and Southern ties. So I guess we turn down outsiders with far superiors skills just so we have a more comfy situation for the money boys? And I guess we want people that are far more easy to manipulate than Long and CBB? Does any of this sound like a good plan unless you are one of those $$$Boys$$$?
Are we anywhere close as a society to being sick and tired of the rich calling all the shots for their benefits alone?
So great job for bringing all of this into a single thread. I am going to be amazed if anyone can bring all these pieces together and create a winning situation. I think we might be doing this all over again in four or five years and that is the tragedy of the situation. We may have just thrown away the parts of a future winning program because of a shaky 14 game stretch. We will see.

Bielema makes sense at Nebraska. I don’t know if they would lower themselves to hire a coach Arkansas fired but he is a proven winner in the Big 10 and he could recruit better at Nebraska.

For the record I didn’t say those coaches, including Saban couldn’t win here. Just threw the question out there, could they win here with our recruits & recruiting history? Without giving my opinion whether they could or couldn’t. Add to that, what is considered winning, 6-5, 7-4 or better every year & occasional run at SECW title? Or more?
I’m sure if we went all in on Saban & miraculously he accepted, a lot people would think/want/expect an SECW title in 2 years & hovering there every year after & would be grumbling at anything less. Maybe Saban could do that here I don’t know.

Now I’m not insecure & don’t feel inferior about anything I said, saying now, or will say in the future.

We will never know if the decision by the PTB to fire JL & BB was a good or bad one, no matter what happens from this point. Because we don’t know what would have happened in the future if they were still here. Only speculation good or bad.

Saban wasnt Saban at Mich state