Bielema says Whaley's family displaced by flood … ed-floods/

Prayers for Whaley’s family and all who have been uprooted by this disaster.

Prayers for all affected in Texas. Some of our best friends home in Port Arthur had to be rescued by boat. There first floor is under water. I talked to Ray Monday and he said they had a great pump system in Port Arthur and he would be okay. But 47 inches of rain can’t be pumped.

Sad, sad, sad.

Just talked to Terry Roy, Devwah’s uncle and they’re all good. His house has some minor water damage. He put some sand bags near by his doors and that kept most of the water out. His living room took on some water but he expects to shampoo the carpet and he’ll be fine.

Devwah’s house is also fine based off of what Terry said. His mom went to stay with relatives just to be safe. His step-father is a fireman for Beaumont and he’s working a lot of OT.

I have a nephew in Houston that was too stubborn to leave. Their house is still fine and he is helping get folks to dry land.
My prayers are with everyone affected by the flooding and also those whom are providing the support to help.
We all need to be thankful for all that we have.