Bielema says he was wrong, official will work future games … -outburst/


Has any official been banned from games of a particular school before? I cannot remember if there was such a ruling before from SEC.

I do not think that that call decided game! But, that was a terrible call. The refs deserved all the heat that they got! I also hope they gave the ref a poor rating for the game. I would also like to hear what the conference office said? We need to play better but, football is an emotional game. Even if his coverage was from guard to guard I don’t think he could have seen the hold anyway?

This Stan Heithe is the same guy made the call on Dan skippers trip on A&M game couple years ago. Then and now the call came out of his calling range. CBB had to back track on his statement and wishes more likely as the result of a call from SEC office to the administration. That is just my opinion.

Okay, but what official is responsible for watching our tackles and why no override if that official saw no holding? :oops:

I am glad that CBB raised a stink and don’t care if he had to back track. The SEC office needs the heat. I hated the SWC for the Texas corruption, and equally hate the SEC for the same.

To Hog Treat: In SWC Texas ruled. In SEC Alabama rules. That is why a critical call went against us. A touch down there would have put AR within 11 with momentum. The game could have changed. The SEC office probably called our administration and told them they have to cough up a fine of $25,000 or he retracts his statement. Obviously the money talked.

I’m sick of the SEC and the corruption. We have already made enough money from SEC distribution so it won’t bother me if there is a big realignment that dilutes the SEC. The SEC sucks if you aren’t cheating like OM, AU, Bama, Tenn, etc.

A call had to be made from someone to someone. Don’t know what, or who, but do know why. I appreciate Brett sticking up for his players, but was probably out of line in this. In Basketball, that would be taking a T for the team (Sutton was a master at it), but this was football and should not have been done.

Now the TA&M call on Skipper was correct. Anybody could see that.

I thouhgt the officials were bad most of the night, but they did not cost us the game. That game was lost the past several Februarys. More will be lost unless that changes and changes a lot soon.