Bielema’s tweet about Morris

I haven’t seen it mentioned here, but I saw Bret Bielema’s tweet congratulating Chad Morris for getting the job as Hog HC and telling him this is a special place. I wish I could link it, but I don’t do twitter.

Regardless, that is one of the classiest gestures I’ve ever seen. It reminds me what a good man he is. He might not have succeeded on the field, but it’s obvious he led his players by example on exuding class and acting as gentleman. There was so much vitriol directed at him personally over the past year that it would have been understandable if he told us to “take this job & shove it,” but he is clearly above that.

I will miss the man even as I am excited about the future.

Totally agree. CBB has been nothing but class with his pressor after being fired & now this.

CBB was a class act, IMO, throughout his tenure. I believe his comments about this being a special place were truly genuine. I also believe CBB will coach again and be successful. I don’t have a feel yet for our new coach, but I’ll be rooting for him to be successful… and hoping CCM turns out to be just as good of a person as our last coach. Whooo Pig!

I don’t ever remember a Razorback coach being fired who was so well liked by the fans. I still like him even though I did believe he should have been fired. He seemed to be a good man, and I wish him the best to come.

I wish he would retire to NWA and raise his child there. Hate to see him leave, if/when he does. Would love to see him again at Catfish Hole, calling them Hogs!

I reached out to him via texts after the firing and he sent some very nice stuff back to me.

He was actually one of the first people to call me after my mom and brother were killed in the car accident.

Good dude. Just didn’t work out. But even though he put his foot in his mouth a few times, he’s got great character and really cares about people.

Yes. It’s too bad that lots of people–including some here–attacked him so personally and yet aren’t even able to jump on a thread like this and acknowledge a truly remarkable gesture. Says a lot about those people.

It’s a nice gesture by Bielema, but to describe it as “truly remarkable” is a bit much. Given the good people of Arkansas through donations are sending $11mm his way a tweet wishing his successor and the program well seems to be an appropriate gesture and not one I’d personally characterize as “truly remarkable.”

I just gotta know…Did Coach B kick your puppy? Insult your Mother? Cut in front of you at Walmart? Something must make you dislike that man so much.

Yes, Jackson, they truly are. Think about it: if you were fired from a job, would you act in such a “remarkable” way? I hope you would, but I’d dare say most wouldn’t. You can never say something nice about CBB without a dig of some kind. Yes, he’s being paid handsomely. The contract called for that; it’s not his fault that his agent worked such a deal for him. He’s left with grace and character; fans should do the same thing.

Let me ask you a question - do you think it’s truly remarkable Bielema would wish his successor given the amount of $$ in his bank account as a result of his time here?

Again, a nice gesture on his part. To describe it as anything more than that is going overboard IMO.

Great man with moral courage and purpose. The wins did not materialize and he was fired. CBB took a chance by coming to Arkansas and we all owe him a bit of gratitude for that alone.
I wish him nothing but the best!

I believe Rhodes and at least one other coach’s ( believe it was Smith) messages were noted, but if one thinks it is the same feeling for the assistants who lose their jobs when their head coach is fired is mistaken. The result may be the same, maybe worse because of the economic ramifications, but nearly all the venom was directed at the Head Coach. Coach B is gone, seems that would be the end for his detractors, but guess not.

I’ll say something nice just to make you happy. I hope he does well next year in broadcasting. I think it’s his calling- he was good on Being Bielema and is a natural in front of the camera and has a real gift for gab and he’ll do well in pre/postgame studio.

Some folks on here lack character, class, and civility.
They usually wind up on my ignore list.

Again, it was a nice gesture on his part and I wish him the best in broadcasting next year as I assume this will be his immediate future.

Just find some of the effusive praise to be a bit over the top.

I think Rob Smith and Kurt Anderson might disagree all the venom was directed at the HC. In fact, the venom directed at Smith back in 2016 by many folks, including some of the people that continued to defend the HC, was a sight to behold.

I don’t care about you making me happy because I’m happy with or without your posts. I have never said anything directly to you until now even though many, many have addressed the negativity. The man is gone, there’s no need to pile on now. Just say something good or say nothing at all. We all know the problems the program has as a result of his regime. Yet I, along with you, wish him well but will not limit it to broadcasting, but to life in general.

Why certainly I wish him well in life. He has an opportunity to spend a lot of quality time with his wife and young daughter and recharge his batteries . Not a lot of folks have the economic means to do that after losing their job.