Bielema optimistic about Austin but he's "not quite there yet"

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Same starting OL… wow.

I don’t know how you keep the same starting OL…I can’t believe ZR and BW are worse than CJ, PR, and JG. At least give them a shot when the bullets are flying…IMHO

Does it really matter who starts at qb this week?? With this o line against Bama front seven?

Two QB’s will see a lot of action in this game if AA starts because a hurting Allen will be pounded into the ground and won’t be returning in the game.

Yes. Remember Brandon Allen’s first year. He got pounded by Bama, took two years for him to start playing good again. Look at Austin last year. Got pounded into submission by Bama, hasn’t been the same since. If you let Kelley be “our guy” against Bama’s front seven you’ll end up with another QB with mental issues from the pounding he will take. Let Austin start, then once the game is out of hand and Bama’s 2nd/3rd stringers are in, let Cole get experience. Do it again next week against AUB. Then if AA is still having “issues” let Kelley start against Ole Piss (a much weaker and worse team). Could be exactly what the team needs to jump start a run at the end of the season.

Perhaps it should be QB by committee. Play all three QBs, after three sacks, replace the QB until it is his turn again. That way no QB get beat up too much.

I would hope that BB doesn’t play AA if he isn’t full go. Not throwing in the towel but we all witnessed what happen to Wilson and the other Allen when they were thrown to the wolves. It’s going to take a perfect game for him to not get hurt.

Tyler wasn’t thrown to the wolves, he was knocked out by ULM. BA may have been a little better off if several of the SR’s hadn’t quit on the team. However, if Tyler had been healthy, I’m not sure he would have survived against the wolves, either.

He’s not going to play.

I don’t think he ever was.

Just a fake for Alabama - a useless one.