Bielema, Odom, Grinch

… being named as candidates for the open Illini HC position.

I thought that would be a good spot for Odom.

It seems like Bielema still intrigues a lot of Big Ten ADs. I’ve read a report that he interviewed at Illinois.

He interviewed at Rutgers and was reportedly in the running at Michigan State last year, and his attorneys say he had some dialogue about the Nebraska job the year he was fired from Arkansas.

I will learn the Illini fight song if they take Bielema off our hands and help us keep Odom.


It’s an intriguing vacancy. The state has plenty of talent, but none of the state’s 2021 top 25 prospects is going to UI. A coach who can shore up in-state recruiting would have a chance to build something special. Maybe Bielema would be better suited to that position (his home state after all) than he was to the HC job at UA.

Something went amiss during his time at Arkansas and at this point it doesn’t really matter what, either truth or rumor, but there is some reason to believe he can coach. I know there are some that credit Alvarez for his success, probably some of the same folks who slammed Frank for his alleged meddling, but Bret was held in high regard by some people who should know better than us. Anyway, his Iowa and Wisconsin experience should make him a decent fit in Illinois, and if he learned anything from the Arkansas time, one would think that humbling experience might light a fire and provide a chance at some redemption. It is a tough job, so if someone can make it work, it says something about their abilities.


I’ll join you if I can possibly remember way back to the 50’s and my undergraduate degree —“We’re orange and blue Illinois…” GHG!

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I hope CBB gets the job for two reasons.

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On Christmas Day the Illini will hire Grinch.


Old Princeton yells her tiger
Wisconsin her varsity
And they give the same old Rah! Rah! Rah!
At each University
But the yell that always thrills me
And fills my heart with joy
Is the good old Oskee wow-wow
That they yell at Illinois

Oskee wow-wow Illinois
Our eyes are all on you
Oskee wow-wow Illinois
Wave your Orange and your blue Rah! Rah!
When the team trots out before you
Ev’ry man stand up and yell
Back the team and give [opponent’s name]
Oskee wow-wow Illinois

Verse 2
Teddy Roosevelt may be famous
and his name you often hear
But it’s heroes on the football field
Each college man holds dear
We think with pride of Roberts
Artie Hall and Heavy too
Oskee wow-wow for the wearers
Of the Orange and the Blue



We’re orange and blue Illinois, We’ll back you to stand against the best in the land Illinois…

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