Bielema "May be done with College Football" - might stay in NFL … -football/

One thing he is not doing for sure is going to Kansas to work under Jeff Long, according to this article.

Where are the Bielema’s living these days? Have they sold their house in Fayetteville?

I still support the guy. he just didn’t make it as our coach. Class guy. He may have had to go, but he was all in with us. That is a fact.

But Morris is no better. And a lot of you will see that. Sooner or later. … -football/

how his family plays into this may be a future modifier… Burned all his bridges at Wisconsin, stayed the high road with us. I am interested to see how he is titled, and of course at what salary.

Just can’t help yourself, can you? Everything turns into anti-Morris. Or pro-Kiffin. News flash: There are 65 Power 5 schools, counting ND, which is semi-ACC. None of them have hired your mancrush, and there’s a reason why. Several reasons why, actually, starting with 0-for-2 as a head coach at Power 5 schools. Plus a huge lack of maturity, which is why he failed at Tennessee and USC anyway, and also why Nick Saban kicked him out of Tuscaloosa.

I think he quit coaching college football six years ago. So, glad he’s gone.

Let’s quit with the revisionist history. He didn’t get it done here, and it cost him his job undeniably. But he was also 7-4 on Thanksgiving Day 2016 with a really good chance of finishing 9-4. We’d beaten TCU and Moo U on the road and Ole Miss and Florida (both ranked in the top 15 at the time) at home. Unfortunately, you can pinpoint exactly when things went south: The third quarter on Black Friday in CoMo. His last 14 games were a dumpster fire. The 18 games before that were 13-5, which won’t get a statue built but in the SEC West it ain’t bad.

What’s it like to be the smartest man in the room and know more than anybody else?

I’ve never gotten to experience that or - better said - never had the level of arrogance to think my opinion is fact, the end all be all and no one else’s matters.

I think Swine’s take is a very accurate sum up of his tenure here.

But the “quit coaching college football six years ago” thought just seems not very based in reality.

Yes, the house has been sold.

But I don’t know where he is living right now. One would guess somewhere New England-based. … -20180626/

I agree with Swine. 9-4 would have him still in Fayetteville. But it didn’t happen, and the cause for that has been debated ad nauseam on these boards for a long time. No need to get back into it. There’s no sense holding a grudge. I hope he and Jen find happiness in pro ball or college ball or wherever he finds employment.

I wish nothing but the best for Bret Bielema & his family. He didn’t get the job done here & as a fan, I reluctantly concluded he had to go. However, as someone who really liked the man & how he conducted himself here, how he embraced our traditions, I hated seeing him go. I hope he does well.

As for the attack on Morris, I get sick of any fan attacking a coach before he’s had a chance to prove himself. Lord, Morris hasn’t even coached his first game here. Will he be unpopular after 4-5 years with many fans? Yes. That’s true even if he wins an SEC title in year two, but fails to follow it up with 3 straight 10-2 or 11-1 seasons. If he averages 8.5 wins per year, there’ll be many calling for his replacement with someone “who can get it done.” I know this because I’ve been a Razorback fan for nearly 60 years.

You nailed it, from my perspective.

Well said

Great post ! WPS

Florida. Yes.

This is a quote from the article:

“The thing I love about football in the NFL is you go to work at 6 a.m. and you leave at 9 [p.m.] and it’s nothing but football,” Bielema told CBS Sports. “It’s just purely football.”

The irony here is Bielema was just a horrible pure football coach. He was an awful game-day coach. Epitome of a CEO type that wasn’t football savvy enough and made zero in game adjustments, by and large. If the offensive game plan designed by Chaney or Enos didn’t work, we had no chance. Zero.

And then there’s the defense. What a joke.

Glad he’s gone. He really was a big setback.

I didn’t want Coach Bret as a coach I felt he was wrong for Arkansas but he grew on me

Good guy - I so regret he didn’t work out at Arkansas but he played a big part in not working out

I think Coach Chad Morris was a better fit after Coach Bobby P but alas he wasn’t ready

Coach Morris is ready and I think he will be a very good coach “IF” he can recuit and develop talent

The SEC is a legue filled with nfl like talent

Arkansas has to recuit better and then do what Arkansas has always done when it was good - out thibjnthe other side

He recruited at an all time poor rate on the defense side of the ball, absolutely abysmal up into his last year here. The offense he put on the field probably prolonged his stay a year or two. These new guys seem to have some ability to recruit defensive players which is a good start to turn this thing around.