Bielema "guaranteed" Hogs won't get umpire Stan Weihe again

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Weihe called Brian Wallace for holding Saturday. He was also the umpire in the Texas A&M game in 2014… Video doesn’t make it clear if he threw the flag, but he was looking right at Dan Skipper on Skipper’s infamous trip in that game.

I don’t blame the media for reporting the obvious, but it will not go well, having this reported so loudly across SEC country.

I am the one who asked Bielema about Wiehe. I was surprised when he commented. He was the guy who called some penalties in the A&M game a few years ago. Obviously, Bielema doesn’t want him calling their games. I am guessing Steve Shaw agrees with him. I do not think it’s bad to complain about officials. I don’t think it matters to the refs in today’s world when every one of their calls is reviewed on TV and in the league office. They know they are under scrutiny.

Strong bias against the Hogs through out the game
and even from the opening bell. “Play on”, yelled the
official after an opening fumble by Bama but miss
called from the officials. Typical, sickening, blatant
favoritism extended to Bama.

Smoke and fire.

You know that it has gotten bad when Chuck and Keith are commenting on the no-calls and bad-calls by the officials. Chuck is particularly scrupulous about not criticizing them unless the criticism is well-deserved.

I think that the ones that upset me most were the no calls on blatant grabbing of receivers jerseys on pass routes, including the no call on the play where the defender had his left hand holding the jersey of the receiver with his arm around him when he knocked the ball away with his right hand. In all of those plays, the official who should have been involved (thrown a flag) was not the one mentioned in this article.

What about the one where an Olineman was further down the field than a WR…and it wasn’t a screen.

I hate being right about this.

One thing we have to face: Bret Bielema is a loose cannon. He needs to get that under control.

Would be interesting to know what information CBB was given that lead him to believe the ref was banned vs. what information he was given that caused him to recant.

He’s emotional. Like you.