Bielema gonna be Here!

I dunno, I had read in an article and someone also posted earlier, then changed it, that Bielema’s buyout dropped to 3.2 million after next year. … ndment.pdf

Notice it seems to very favorable to BB taking another job vs. being fired.

That’s his buyout if he wants to leave - and the actual number from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2017 is $2 million
It drops to $1 million in 2018, $500,000 in 2019 and 250,000 in 2020.

If the school fired him, they would have to pay him the following

Jan. 1, 2017-Dec. 31, 2017 - $15,400,000.00 (15 million, 400 thousand dollars)
Jan. 1, 2018-Dec. 31, 2018 - $11,700,000.00 (11 million, 700 thousand dollars)
Jan. 1, 2019-Dec. 31, 2019 - 7,900,000,00 (7 million, 900 thousand dollars)
Jan. 1, 2020-Dec. 31,2020- 4,000,000.00 (4 million)

What are the buyout provisions…lump sum, spread out over a defined period of time, is it resduced if he takes another job?

The amounts are no cumulative and any partial years shall be prorated. All other terms of the current Guaranty Agreement remain the same from the original contract.

Here is the original contract. Best I can tell it would be monthly payments but I may be wrong.

It also appears that the buyout would be reduced by the amount he would make at a new coaching post … ntract.PDF

The buyout in his original contract was $12.8 million.

Lots of people seem to forget that.

Yup,exactly the #'s in the pdf link I posted. And very favorable towards him if he decides to take another job…not likely he gets an offer from a Power 5 school after collapse to end the season. And there is info. out there with different numbers.

That is a shrewd contract on the UA’s side. Ha!

now didn’t I? :smiley:

My bad. I thought it said his buyout dropped to $3.2 million.

His original buyout was 12 million plus in the original contract.

Most major coaches these days have $11 to $12 million to start off