Bielema cursed season?...

As we all know, our record got worse the last 2 years under bielema, was this season going to be just as bad without the coaching change? I mean, how good would we actually be doing with Bielema? Our problem areas seem to be talent/depth in key areas…thoughts?

Offensively I think we could have won a couple of the early games with CBB. Even with a less than good OL the carry over on the system may have provided us with the offense to score more. But on D we would be as bad or worse. At least IMO.

Overall we would struggle with SEC teams with CBB’s system. Again IMO.

I always thought Belemia’s pro style approach should have worked and he was a good coach. Now after reading several posts, he has been depicted as a drunk, jet setter, poor recruiter, lazy, undisciplined and poor judge of talent and picking staff. If just some of this information is true, this season would still be a disaster. Someone else posted this info and I felt it was also relevant. Belemia was given a program at Wisconsin that was built by and run by the AD. He never had to do it from the ground up and he failed miserably at Arkansas. This leads me to believe some of the depictions of him are true.

We probably win the Col St game with CBB but not NTS. Don’t know if we beat OM though, even though he did have their number lately.
It’s still the same Oline that would be trying to run a ball control offense. Same guys on defense trying to slow down opponents offenses.
We are talent deficient because of CBB recruiting, especially on defense and Oline.

I do buy the argument that Bret benefitted from inheriting a program that Barry Alvarez built. Barry A. deserves credit for the sustained success of UW above all.

I don’t think Bret’s “style” was the problem at UA, contrary to many on this board. Pro style works fine. (Although I have to admit that with rule changes benefitting offenses like they do it makes Spread RPO almost impossible to stop. I feel for defensive players. And I’m not talking about targeting. I’m talking about being allowed to HOLD, DB’s not being allowed to do what WR’s are allowed to do…aka push off…offensive line being able to run block downfield on pass plays etc.). But you have to have the players you need at key positions. Especially o-line.

Bret didn’t recruit well on the offensive line…and UA has had bad luck with some of the ones that were highly heralded. (We could have really used Rogers this year…he would have been a very solid SEC center).

So, I do think that we probably would have a slightly better record with the old staff…just due to continuity. Changing systems is hard. But I do think Morris has “caught up” so to speak…and for the rest of this year I expect the team to look better. Like we did against Ole Miss. We just lost a close game that in previous years we had won. But we all know Bret’s teams lost plenty of close games.

Who would have played QB?

Would still have had issues with OL…so don’t think would have been much different.

We might have won a couple of more games, but the heat on him would have been so bad and recruiting for next year would have been horrible. He should have been fired the previous year, but Jeff Long hired him, and he just didn’t want to fire him.

I believe Cole would have been the starter under Coach Bielema. The offense suited him better…just like this offense suits Ty better.

It would have been a miserable situation. At least now, we are almost a year into the re-build or new regime.

To start with, Ty Storey would have transferred if Coach B would have been the head coach so you would have had Cole, Connor, Daulton or John Stephen as the QB.

Boyd would not be here.

Mike Woods would not have been here.

Likely would have won Colorado State, but still lost to North Texas.

He always lost to Texas A&M and beat Ole Miss so my “guess” is that you would be 3-4, but easily could have been 2-5 or 1-6 as well.

I read were a couple have said that but I’m just curious why do you think that would be the case?

Cole Kelly essentially was the hquarterback this year against CSU so what would they have done differently to win the game? Not being argumentative just curious?

Would JSJ be here if Bielema were still the coach?