Bielema concerned with wrong issue

Bert is mad at players fourth quarter effort. Does anyone on the staff realize players were discouraged and dejected because coaches had a bone headed game plane and repeatedly put them in positions where we couldn’t win? This one is all on the coaches. Seriously an nfl team couldn’t have won with that offensive and defensive scheme. Bert better change his tune and give the team a reason to believe.

The Bert stuff is so lame. You might have made a very good point/post but as soon as I see that junior high crap I just ignore everything after it. Grow up.

Dogen, you lost me after the first word in your post. Very immature.

Bert is mad at players fourth quarter effort. Does anyone on the staff realize players were discouraged and dejected because coaches had a bone headed game plane and repeatedly put them in positions where we couldn’t win? This one is all on the coaches. Seriously an nfl team couldn’t have won with that offensive and defensive scheme. Bert better change his tune and give the team a reason to believe.
[/quote] On what insider information do you base your inciteful post( yes, I know the difference between insight and incite)? If you are stating your opinion on you thinking the players were discouraged, this is far different from the blanket statement you made. I observed several players, playing their rears off, even when the outcome was certain.

You could definitely see frustration on the faces of players in the 4th quarter. And I agree with you that our offensive play calling lacked imagination, specifically at the goal line. I thought Houston Dale Nutt was coaching our team again.

The Aggie D line was more physical than our O line all night. AA had very little time. The Aggie coaches had their team more prepared than our coaches.

My two cents. If you have to change the way you call the game on offense, change . You exposed the secondary but refused to change the philosophy. Keep the extra blocker on the end and pass. that was on the head ball coach. but continued to run to the strength of the defense…?!? :o

Is it possible some of the players may have got a little dejected in themselves or with each other from mistakes they made at critical times.
I am sure fumbling, missed blocks and assignments, penalties and getting ejected from the game wasn’t in the game plan. All of which happened at times we could have scored or stopped aTm drives deep in their territory. When we did give them the ball inside their 10 yard line, get burned for a TD on 1 pass play by a missed tackle.
I admit we got out schemed by their offense by adjustments they made, and our goal line play calling got squirrelly, but don’t forget our RB also got stripped of the ball on a play that works for a TD if he hadn’t fumbled. We could have built a large lead and at least made it much more difficult on them.
I don’t think anyone complained to much about the our game plan in the first half where we should have been up by at least 21 points at half time, but instead we were tied due to human error on the field.
It was discouraging from a both a coaching and player standpoint.

I just don’t want to hear him say he is dissaponted in his players fourth quarter effort again. Even the best fans who dont like his bert nickname turned off the tv sometime in the fourth after seeing our safeties being played near the sideline while we repeatedly got gashed up the middle. He needs to worry more about the teams preparation and game plan which are all on the coaches effort!

You make a good point, other than continuously having to make a childish jab at our coaches name.

I am curious about the origin of that nickname. If it is something truely offensive I would surely refrain from piling on. However googling “bert” and bielema nickname produces some harmless and welcome comedic relief after that embarrassing loss.

Agree with your general sentiment. Players were demoralized. Ask them to do the impossible instead of what makes the most sense + fits their strengths, and they will fall down in the fourth quarter.

Thank you. I’ll just ditto what you said & leave it at that.

I guess it just depends on what you think is funny. To me, it just sounds stupid.

I may not have your expertise in football, but it did not appear impossible for most of the first half. In the second half, A&M just had a better football team. That aside, there is no excuse for some players being demoralized in the fourth quarter. No matter what the circumstances, Hogs just do not get that way.

No fan turned it off and no fan gave him the nickname of Bert. Lame. So lame. I sense no matter what you say, you’ll still wake up tomorrow hating your life.

What were the players asked to do that was so demoralizing?? Not fumble on the goal line? Take a handoff? Punch it in from 6 inches?

No, seems there wasn’t enough asking not to fumble since last years rb coach left. No, not just to take a handoff, And no they weren’t asked to punch it in. No, but they were asked to run a telegraphed end around jet sweep BS play that caused a turnover a second straight time when we should have just punched it in from 6 inches. I am pretty sure that is the same bs jet sweep fumble play that made Saban loose his mind at kiffin 2 weeks ago in a blowout. And Dominique Reed doesn’t see the field again??? smh he is one of our best athletes! Give the ball to our awesome receivers anyways. That fumble wasn’t all his fault either since aa barely beat the play clock and reed had to slow his motion to wait thereby telegraphing handoff to defense then aa has to practically throw it at reed to get it off in time. Poor preparation poor execution poor coaching. This is not exactly ground breaking controversy here. It is just what we all saw. And coach Bret Bielma needs to take some responsibility and ownership for that, which he did not do in the presser I saw so far. I like Bert tho I really do. I think he develops nfl players, and that is our best path to ever recruiting against the big boys. But ultimately he has to convince players he can win the big game or hog fans will have plenty more demoralizing seasons. I hope he is taking more ownership in the locker room than he did on the press conference.

Reed is the case that will be used against the Hogs, of how to waste a great juco talent.

I expect there were some demoralized players, but I expect that showed up mainly on the defense after the offense failed to score after so many opportunities. We had about 7 shots at the EZ from inside the 5 & finally had to settle for a FG. Then we failed on 4 running plays from inside the 3 & couldn’t get it in. That’s demoralizing. I don’t blame that on scheme or play calling. Any football team should be able to get 6 inches, especially given as many opportunities as we had. The last play of that drive we decided to run wide & got dropped in the backfield. A&M’s defense played well. Who do you blame for that? I doubt it was scheme, play-calling or lack of effort. Sometimes the other team just does a better job–either by superior talent, strength, luck, or some combination of any number of things we can’t even know.

I always take these kinds of criticism with a grain of salt, especially after a loss. There’s always a tendency to blame someone when we’re disappointed. On top of that, too many fans think they’re really smart & knowledgeable. Some are, but almost none are as well-informed & knowledgeable as a coach. They’re even less knowledgeable about the specific players & their strengths & weaknesses.

It’s easy to criticize play-calling or scheme when the play didn’t work or if we lose. We can all do that from the comfort of our chairs & with the benefit of hindsight. But we tend to think coaches who’ve spent every day scheming, practicing & consulting with each other before & during the game don’t know as much as we do.

Finally, you then have some fan who thinks he can make the coach even less competent than he is if he uses some silly nickname designed to belittle the coach. It’s the kind of tactic junior high boys use. Ridicule the target of the criticism in some way unrelated to the merits of the argument & maybe the critic looks smarter.

thanks for nailing that so well. Nice job.