Bielema and Colorado

Did great in the Big Ten, okay here until he ran out of linemen. Who knows how he might do in the P-12?

One has to wonder why his name is being floated for all these college jobs. Money could be the primary driver. Perhaps the desire for autonomy/being the big cheese. However, I also wonder if he’s encountered difficulties of some kind at the pro level and he’s seeking a way out. Or, maybe he just likes kids and the college game better.

He’s trying to find a head college coaching gig. That much is clear.

I think it comes down to working with kids and being able to make a difference. That and running your own ship.

Whether or not you agree with his coaching ability, his caring for his players not in doubt.


He might have gotten motivated to look for a job when UA quit making buyout payments.

He has a job. LB coach for the Giants. An NFL assistant job doesn’t pay chump change. I doubt he’s making seven figures but probably high six figures. He can support a wife and kids on that.

Its probably twice the pay of an NFL assistant, Thats why I think he would jump.

The path to HC in the NFL would be tough, he has not been able to get a DC job so far. An HC job at a Power Five conference would pay better. The expectations at Colorado would be pretty low, and he would probably feel like he would have more control over his job security than as an NFL assistant on a team like the Giants.

Tucker was making $2.7 million at CU before he jumped. That might triple or quadruple what BB’s making at NYG.

I hope he gets the Colorado job! Then maybe we can hearing about him!
He did care about his players while at Arkansas.

You are simply wrong. Yes, he did care.

He might not have been a coach that was successful enough here, but he did care about his players.

He might have done some stuff personally, but he did care about his players.

Ask Frank Ragnow. Ask Alex Collins. Ask walk on DBs.

Ask me - even though I am not a player.

He was very supportive of me when my mom and brother died in the car wreck on Dec. 15, 2015 . He talked to me a lot about how he dealt with the loss of his teenager sister when she died from a fall off a horse.

So he can be criticized for his coaching, but - in my opinion - not for how he cared about his players.

Uncalled for shot - just because he lost.

The two can be easily differentiated.


Sorry… with this new format I can’t tell who you’re responding to… I don’t see a post that says he didn’t care?

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I think Colorado is one of the hardest Power 5 jobs. I don’t get the sense there are a lot of great recruits in Colorado, or in most of the states that surround it. There isn’t another campus in the conference within 500 miles and most are closer to 1,000 miles away. And to top it off the program hasn’t been very good since Gary Barnett was fired. It just seems like a hard sell to get good players to go there.

Boulder is beautiful, though.

Now that I look back at ArmyHog’s post, it says he did care.

I thought it said he didn’t care.

Either way, I stand by the post. :sunglasses:

When Colorado has been good, they recruited heavily in California and Texas. Not as much in-state talent as you’d think in a state with 4.5 million residents.

Too much Rocky Mountain High going on. Might not affect other sports that much, but hurts football.

I’m sure that doesn’t help (neither does skiing being a major sport) but these issues predate legalized weed, which happened six years ago.

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Yeah but it was a hippie dope smoking paradise long before legalization. The late great Rashaan Salaam toked himself out of the league. Two sport great John Bad Dude Stearns ultimately chose the mellower sport of baseball. Hippie dope smoking paradises have great ultimate teams but struggle in football. When’s the last time the Cal Bears won a Rose Bowl? San Fran Dons had a nice run in basketball with Bill Russell but they’re too stoned to even field a team anymore.

Very, very hard job. We think recruiting talent out of Arkansas is tough, try being Colorado. Very small pool of talent here. Lived here for 21 years now and been to many games at CU. Cool place to watch a game, but you have to win California recruits to win at CU. Or that is the only way it’s been proven to be successful. I think he would be a bad fit.

They used to get a lot of Texas kids when they were in the Big 8, and they still recruit in the state. The right guy might be able to open that pipeline up a bit, but BB did not exactly kill it with Texas recruiting when he was here.