Bieber is gone!

Starkel has torn up the Bieber shirt and vowed to get more serious.

The disturbing part of his post game interview was he said he wasn’t as focused as he needed to be. That’s also on Morris if true.

The positive is he’s determined to not let that happen again. Show leadership, learn from your mistakes, and move on. Hopefully, the whole team, coaches included, will take this horrible event and show some true pride against A&M.

Please get these players off social media - make that part of the “accountability” we heard about last night.

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Whats good for the goose…Hicks should have got a chance in the 2nd half. Guy throws 4 interceptions and the is left in the game? Could be considered QB abuse! At this point, I am ready for JSJ!

As bad as Starkel was, he also helped tie the game. I’m not sure Hicks would have been able to do that.

Also the way the defense carry themselves on the field…don’t need to be celebrating knocking down a pass or actually making a tackle when you are being totally dominated the entire game. I don’t really see this w the offense, Chavis defense I see it often.

Excuse me…he didn’t get the chance did he? Your not sure, ha! You throw 4 interceptions, you come out. If Hicks or JSJ doesn’t move 'em, then you can put him back in. Or let him start next game. None of those piks were great plays, they were bad throws and decisions. He deserved to be pulled! And now he’s got 5 interceptions. :sunglasses:

I’m not blamin’ Starkel either, it’s on the CCM.

It’s not an excuse, it’s an opinion based off the game and a half where he started. I completely agree they were bad decisions, but you still have to agree he did help in tying the game.

Good logic, he helped in tying the game, what did the 5 interceptions do? :sunglasses:

Just like you don’t leave your pitcher hangin’ in a bad inning or your point guard w turnover after turnover, you pull him and let him at least watch awhile.

That was excuse, as “excuse me”, not Excuse. :upside_down_face:

Bieber is gone!

Good. When he announced he was transferring to the Hogs, that was the thing I remembered about him at A&M. Time to grow up, son.

While I am not a Beiber fan, I don’t think that is a factor in Starkel’s play.

Just how I don’t think Treylon Burks getting up early in the morning and watching westerns on TV is.

They all got too full of themselves, did some talking (Grant Morgan for one) and it got back to San Jose State and gave them some motivation.

I don’t care who wins or loses, but you could see how much the game meant to San Jose State and how Arkansas just thought it could show up and win, which is mind-numbing after the last 31 games.

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The players should have stop the trash talking and focused on the next game. I am happy they won the CSU game and should celebrate. The 24 hour rule should have been enforced.

DD nailed it. We didn’t show up and SJS did. Congrats to them.

Dudley wouldn’t you agree that this type of behavior is a symptom of their youth and inexperience? Sometimes getting knocked down is a good thing. Now I agree they shouldn’t have thought they were that good, however, young kids think they are invincible.

Now, how hard would it be to ban social media for the team? Would that cause an outright revolt from the team?

Is it a symptom of youth and inexperience or a symptom of deeper systemic issues with the culture Morris and staff have established? Or a little bit of both?

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I’d argue just from the little I know that Morris is changing the culture for the better, especially with players attitudes. This isn’t a symptom of the culture Morris is creating but a symptom of not handling their first taste of success with any maturity. They got a big head and it bit them in the bottom.

I will disagree with you on this General. Last year against CSU, guys quit. I saw it. Morris didn’t know what to do. The next week against N Texas our guys just didn’t show up, again he didn’t know what to do. Then this week, he allowed EVERYONE to look ahead. Starkel admitted he was goofing around and not serious. That’s the same attitude that Bret’s guys had. This particular issue is at the feet of CCM. Something he needs to address, and honestly he needs to address it with his coaching staff first. Saw some of them doing the same thing last night.

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Maybe so, I’m not trying to give Morris a pass on this. I’m just saying from the little I’ve heard that this isn’t normal behavior and looking ahead wasn’t Morris’ intention in preparation.

Regarding your comment about getting too full of one’s self, I guess it is part of this younger culture. Winning last week was good, but it was one game, after mostly losses, especially against any team with a pulse, so what makes any Hog player think we could take anyone for granted? For gosh sakes, Portland State was within striking distance. Seems we may need a culture reboot, the intensity, tenacity and toughness appear lacking. We played mostly boring football under Ford, but we were all in, especially Danny. Guess this is my concern with these offensive guru head coaches, many seem too enamored with offensive scheming and trickery and often lacking in blocking and tackling.

As much as I do not like Gus, even with his infatuation with schemes and gimmicks, his teams will flat out smack you. I have always admired how well the Auburn secondary tackles and how physical they are. No need to comment on our secondary, most have seen enough to have an opinion.

I don’t know what it would do to the current players, but it would certainly hurt recruiting.

Morris is changing the culture for the better.

I have absolutely no doubts about that. None whatsoever.