Biased Officiating

This is going to sound antagonistic and isn’t meant that way.

Question for those that complain often about officiating … Is the thought that officials are biased against Arkansas? Coach Anderson? The road team generally? Do we ever get the benefit of poor officiating? Or are we always on the short end of the stick?

I just don’t notice it as much as others do, but maybe I’m just missing it. And I wholeheartedly agree that there were significant missed calls last night that went against us.

Are the officials biased against AR? Maybe one or two (Mike openly called one out a few years ago, I think he is no longer allowed to officiate AR games), but in my opinion, most no.

Coach Anderson? Maybe the same one or two, but most probably not

Road team? Absolutely, Generally the road teams get shafted on 50-50 calls (unless they’re blue bloods, and still some even then). The crowd can dictate the whistles at times.

Do we ever get the benefit? Yes, we have this year

Are we obviously always on the short end? Obviously NO (read above), but sometimes it sure seems like it (both football and basketball)

I don’t think it’s anything against Arkansas, per se. I think the blue blood programs get protected to some degree…especially at home. I don’t know if it’s simply too much respect for the coaches like K, Roy, or Calipari or if its too much respect for the programs themselves. It’s happened too much over the years, too consistently, to be a figment of our imagination. Fans of middle of the road programs across the country share this belief to some degree. Frustrating, to say the least, that a team like ours has to overcome all the 5 stars AND the refs to come out with a road win.

The cash cows ( blue bloods ) get all the help they need! The SEC office won’t allow Kentucky to get beat. That’s my opinion. It’s same for any conference team that NCAA bound and we aren’t. The free theow difference has been huge in a lot of ball games. Miss St, LSU, Kentucky and Ole Miss. when media outside of Arkansas
Start making comments that when you know for sure it’s really happening. In years past the Kentucky offense was lead by just running over people and getting the calls. Last night we shot 10 second half free throws and Kentucky shot 20.
In the first half we took 5 and Kentucky took 12.
The calls that were reviewed in the SEC office tell you all you need to know.

I admit that I have a personal hangup that I cannot get past regarding officiating. As soon as I enter BWA or start watching a road game and look to see who is officiating. And if I spot more than one black referees, I know we are in for some bad calls. Through compiling sone stars, I came to the conclusion that black refs call against black coaches, for whatever reasons, Tony Greene, Ted Valentine, Pat Adams, on and on. It us as if they want to prove they are not biased.

Watch it and see if I have it wrong.

Biased probably not. But officials do watch film and know tendencies of players/teams, so right or wrong, players/teams will develop a reputation for certain fouls and officials will come into games purposely looking for those calls to make. It’s just the way it is with some if not most officials. Jeremiah Tilmon at Mizzou is a perfect example. He fouls out or gets close to fouling out of almost every game and every game, you can see one maybe two calls against him that were bad calls, but he has a reputation.

You are right. You have a hangup.

Great post ! WPS