Beyond ridiculous

Seven minute stoppage for these moron refs to make a call!

At a crucial point at the end of the game.
To make a call that was incredibly obvious.
Not even a little bit tricky.

Something has to be done.
So much money in college ball.
Double the salaries and I bet the number of quality applicants will pick up.

Don’t have to do that. They are already making really good money. They make between $1,000 - $2,500 per game, plus all expenses are paid. And some do 80+ games a year. So the top refs (probably the one’s in the NCAA tournament) are making over 200k a year. There’s some lower tier guys in the NBA that don’t even make that. … ncaab.html

The problem is they need to start being held accountable like everyone else at their job. You do that and start firing some of them for making repeated bad calls/long stoppages in play, then you will see a change in quality. As of right now you can be a ref and make bad and/or missed calls all the time it’s just “Oh well, move on to the next play.” And they can’t even be called out, because if a coach does it he will get fined.

And I realize it’s tough to make calls live, no ref is going to perfect. But some of this stuff is incompetence. And these officials are affecting people’s lives. There’s kids/coaches that spent their whole life trying to get in a position to win a national championship, and to have someone who is incompetent at their job take it away is extremely unfair. For example whoever the official was the was on the end line of the UNC game, that watched Berry travel and then push Bailey without making any call, that official should have been suspended. That is just an incompetent non-call, even a block call would have been better than saying nothing happened. If NCAA would start doing stuff like that, I bet you we see more games called fairly and officials making better calls.

What are the odds that some of these " bad" calls are the result of unreported income given to ensure certain win-loss or point spread results occur.The no call at crunch time our game against NC so obvious that the ref staring right at it from 5 feet away either totally incompetent or " on the payroll".I firmly believe that sort of activity occurs!!

The refs in the Arkansas-North Carolina game must have been afraid to make any late-game call that could be viewed as throwing the game in the Razorbacks’ favor. Only explanation I have. They certainly were not afraid to make calls that hurt the Hogs.

Why would they do that? They saw how much attention the refs got for the flagrant 1 call in the Arkansas-Seton Hall game.

I believe the UNC refs made up for the “bad” correct call in the Seton Hall game. I also believe the immediate backlash on the UNC - AR game led to those officials that were officiating the Duke - SCe game to call it much more even. I think if the media hadn’t jumped on the horrible officiating in our game South Carolina would have suffered the same fate.

This thread wasn’t started to relive the bad officiating from the NC game or bad calls in general. It was about a seven minute stoppage of play at a critical juncture of a tight game. That is just inexcusable. It wasn’t even a difficult call to make. It took seven minutes. Seven minutes! The crowd starting booing after about five minutes and it still took them a couple more to restart play. In an NCAA tournament game. What is wrong with these people? !!! If they can’t decide these matters in under 2 minutes, I would just as soon scrap video reviews and go back to letting every call, right or wrong, stand.

I’d like to see the game officials sit in the media room after games and field questions. If they knew they would have to explain boneheaded calls they might be forced to do a better job.

The no calls in the UNC game would have had some interesting explanations.

Some objective third party should be responsible for reviewing video. They’re in place, ready to go, armed with replays. Asking the game officials to do it invites all sorts of problems. How do you ensure quality of the process from site to site? How do you keep the refs from being defensive about their own calls?

It was unreasonably too long. I agree with Randy Reece to have an independent Ref to do the review.

The closest we get to that now is having a pool reporter get a quotes for big games

Never had that thought. And it will never happen But good idea and call!!