Beyond Expectations

When the season started we, all had our predictions as to what this team is going to do. Mine was two games improvement over last year’s 16-16, conference 9-9 that is 18-14, 11-9. We finished the regular season 25-8, 12-6; add two more, puts us at 27-8 & 14-6. I don’t know about you, but this is far beyond my expectations. I share with you my thought process at the beginning of the year: Addition of new players will add depth and we’ll do better. We wouldn’t set the world on fire because the impact of the two junior college players is going to be limited. The big forwards are not skilled drivers and their contributions will be limited to rebounds and clean-up on the board; therefore, the overall effect would be of lesser impact. During the course of the season we showed much inconsistencies. At times, we looked like we could take on any one in the SEC or the Country, at other times it took only the worst team in SEC to humble us. We lost as many games at home as we did on the road. From all of this, one can only conclude that we improved as a team and learned how to play to win, even when we are not at our best as yesterday.
Tomorrow we play for SEC championship. We have nothing to lose and something to gain. Regardless of the games’ result, my congratulations to the team and coach A for their accomplishments this year. We all should be very proud of them.

I agree, great job!

Regular season was 23-8. We are now 25-8 with tourney wins.

Sorry, I got mixed up on my numbers.

Totally agree. This team has improved since the home loss to Vandy. We are good but not great! I thought we might win 20 games. But not 25 plus. Great coaching form MA and also great recruiting.
Everything from here on is gravy. It would be nice to bag a couple of wins in the Dance.

This has been a very good season. My expectations have been met. Playing with house money now. Not preposterous to think that we could win the SEC tourney and or be a Sweet 16 team!

Continue to play like this, more success on sight.

I am hoping we get a good draw and make some noise in the big dance.