Bewilderment - where to now?

This season has gutted many fans like myself, however the worst part of it is how is this fixed? It seems as though several aspects of the team are in disarray, or is it just my perception? We went from challenging for the upper spots in the conference to getting our asses beat by teams we had no business losing to. I suppose I’m just glad it’s over. I know my wife is after seeing me sulk all season

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Good news Bayou, it’s officially basketball season, and we are pretty good.

Right you are! Thank goodness for BB season, Men and Women’s teams are looking great

I hear you, but never lose sight of the fact that we were just inches from winning at least two more games; I think we were a “facemask” from catching up with Bama. We are not so bad. I fault yesterdays game on Slusher and the nut call at the goal line.

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