Beverley traded again

Going to Minnesota. Twice in two days.

PB career is winding down. The thing that strikes me about Patrick is that in college he was known for his his offense, but in NBA he never could become that scorer, but had a long careeer as a defensive star,

One of Stan Heath’s last big recruiting wins. Patrick chose the Hogs over Michigan. His recruiting visit coincided with a big Razorback sports weekend. The Red White game was featured on ESPN, big crowd for it. That was the spring game that featured our new OC Gus Malzahn. There might have been a baseball game that day also. Pat got to see a lot of Razorback fans roaming around town during his visit

Read an analysis story that thought Pat would slot in as the Wolves’ starting PG. He had lost his job with the Clips, in part due to his frequent injuries.

Ahead of D’Angelo Russell?

That’s what the story said. Guy may not know what he’s talking about, but…

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