Bettor will win $300K if Tech wins NC

Guy walked into a Vegas sports book last November and put down $1500 on Texas Tech to win the NC at 200-1 odds. He wanted to bet more on TT but the book wouldn’t take it. He’s 40 minutes from a $300,000 payoff.

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True story. If UVA wins I win free Chic Fil A for a year. Local chic fil a had a bracket challenge and I had uva defeating TT in the finals

Nice…if UVA wins, I win my wife’s office bracket contest. I have the cavs beating Gonzaga.

I failed to mention that the CFA manager didn’t change the setting in the league and I entered 50 brackets between myself and my wife.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…$300k or Chic-fil-a for a year…hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…I’m thinking I’m thinking…give me the cash but just barely over the chicken nuggets and waffle fries!!!

Well, intriguing, but to no avail.
Virginia wins!

That UVa three with 12 seconds left that forced overtime cost that guy some serious cash.