Better win next year

Because the year after don’t we get Georgia and Notre Dame on the schedule. Plus the sec west and Missouri. This rebuilding might take longer than anyone anticipated We need to go to a bowl NEXT year.

I don’t know where the Georgia in 2020 stuff started, but it’s everywhere and it’s not accurate.

East foes in 2020 will be Mizzou in Columbia sans K Bryant and Tennessee in Fayetteville.

The SEC East Opponent (beside Missouri) through 2025:

2019 at Kentucky
2020 vs. Tennessee
2021 at Georgia
2022 vs. South Carolina
2023 at Florida
2024 vs. Kentucky
2025 at Vanderbilt

thx for the correction. even so, tennessee had a better year under a first year coach than we did, they are recruiting well, as we are, and it will be a tough game. add notre dame to the mix, will be a brutal schedule.

Notre Dame is the only difference in the schedule, Tenn lost to Vandy, we lost to Vandy. We’ll be better, they’ll be better, I don’t see this brutal schedule being any different than it already is.

Not to be picky, but I don’t understand why we would play KY twice before we would play Vandy again…