Better things still to come!

What a game! And the fantastic thing is , we have managed to win games while our green offensive linemen, and brand-new QB, are gaining experience. And our green fullback. And green 2nd TE.

Various people are pointing our deficiencies…that are indeed there…but they will continue to improve with an unblemished record. Win next week and we play the Ags 3-0. And our young ones are getting better and better.

Rawleigh played a great game tonight. Look for Devwah to get many more carries next week…and if he emerges to be what everyone thinks he can be to supplement Rawleigh…the running game could take off. The o-line will get it figured out.

So excited.

It was too much to hope that we could just enjoy the win and not pick at the scabs.
This team fought its heart out to pull out this game. Did they play perfectly? No. Neither team did. But as you point out this is a young (in experience) team in several crucial areas, QB, RB and OL. You can tell by some of the play calling that the OC is still figuring out what he has and how to use it. The series at the 2 yard line is a great example. But the offense should continue to grow and continue to get better.
Defense and Special Teams remain strong in some areas and weak in others.
And with all of that we are 2-0 with a win over a Top 20 team and we are exactly where we wanted to be. In fact heading into this game more people seemed to think this was going to be a loss. Some thought it might even be a blowout.
So lets enjoy it and take a break from the endless picking of scabs, which, sure it is fun, but, well…uh you know. Go Hogs!!!

TCU used a defense we have not seen.
TCU has very good DE’s that are great pass rushers
TCU has a speedy defense that shot gaps
We played nationally ranked TCU at their house, their fans were electric for this game, it was a hostile environment
TCU was a serious opponent for a 2nd game.

Hogs had the following:
Green Oline still trying to find it’s way after a bad performance last week.
Green QB that had guts to overcome pressure last week to throw the winning TD
Green QB did not have the luxury of protection/time to go through progressions all the time.
Green RB that overcame a life threatening neck injury to get back on the field.
Green depth at Corner and Nickle that causes too much fatigue
Green depth at LB that keeps starters in the game too long