Better spend on some assistants!

I’m not sure he’s really the guy, but who could potentially be on a Lunney staff with all the money we save?

Sam Pittman? Tim Horton? Charlie Strong? Who is OC?

I think everyone involved would know they need some big name assistants to at least try to blunt skepticism AND to support a highly inexperienced HC AND to try to keep up the ruse that they’re serious about winning. That’ll be the aim anyways.

No good assistants are going to come work for Lunney, especially under these circumstances. none.

I know how you feel. Asking those with some actual ideas.

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You probably don’t even want to see the ideas, honestly.

He hes never been a coordinator, so no one has ever worked under him.
We have horrible talented so who wants to come and try and turn that around with a no name coach, with no experience. No one.

It’ll be an ugly staff.

Man I get it. It’s bad. But you’re a broken record right now. If it’s going to be then it’ll be. When next season comes around I’ll be watching the games and rooting for the hogs. So I’d like to talk about some potential assistants. You don’t have to tell me how bad it’ll be again. It’s dark, but I’m not going to stay in the abyss with you.

Sorry I’m pissed, I need to go to Sleep, but tomorrow will be worse when it’s reality.

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But, I’d say

Traylor-Rb, Assistant Head coach

Best case scenario- Rhett lashlee OC (doubt it, at this time tomorrow SMU will be a better program)

TE- Dj Williams - lol
OL- fry

DEfense… who knows

Pretty hard to make guesses with a guy with little to no connections

Fry would be a tough sell for the Oline.

I just have a strong feeling they’ll want big names. At least a couple.

They know they have to do something to help the fans swallow this and show them they aren’t just going to horde all the leftover cash.

They can want all they want, they aren’t going to get them. Not to beat the dead horse or anything

Let me ask you a question. How could you entice a Pittman, a Charlie Strong, etc. to come work for a TE coach who was on the staff of a program that went 4-20 the last 2 years? You sure won’t do it with a couple hundred thousand dollars of salary over what they are making (or used to making). A blind man could tell this would be a quick dead-end job. You’d probably have to give your OC and DC 4-5 year contracts with sky high buyouts. Good assistant coaches who have jobs won’t leave their current job for a couple hundred thousand more in salary and a one year contract to work for a TE coach that, in their mind, has about a 90% chance of failure.

I think most would tell you that you have to have a solid experienced head coach to attract good solid assistant coaches to accept a job at a program that won a total of 4 games and 0 conference games in the last 2 years.

Even more worrisome, you have to know that the current assistants who can get another asst coaching job, like Traylor certainly won’t stay here to work for Lunney. The other assistant coaches that came with Chad probably would stay because they likely couldn’t find another job at this level of pay.

The more I think about this, the bigger the disaster of hiring Lunney becomes. It seems so clear that I can’t imagine even our athletic administration and the BOT can’t see it.

Heard names for DC and OC that fans would like. They’re well known.

DC and OC names are kind of irrelevant if we don’t know who the HC is?

Probably need to know that first before is even entertain the thought of assistants

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I was saying if Lunney was hired.

So if you’re hearing of possible staff for Lunney, it’s pretty easy to then assume that you’ve heard he is in fact getting the job?

No solid evidence he’s getting the job. Have heard things that indicate it’s possibility, but not enough to say he’s the guy.

I’m headed to sleep on that note.

The fact that it’s a legitimate possibility with legs enough to have staff rumors is pretty unbelievable. Really poor job by HY.

Chavis was well known. Who are you hearing?

I think you’re wrong. I think assistants like to work with people they like and will let them do their job. It seems other coaches like Barry quite a bit. And yeah we could offer more than most others. We’ll have the cheapest HC in the league.

If Barry is the hire, I’m assuming he comes (relatively) cheap. Heck, we may need to pay the OC, DC more than our HC. That would be a first no doubt.

You don’t think their and their families security is utmost in their minds before they take a new job? I believe all of them want to work for a winning program, or at least a program that looks capable of becoming a winner. I think, liking the head coach is very low priority for them. Otherwise, Saban would never be able to hire an assistant coach.

You are talking about really good, proven asst coaches in good jobs. I just can’t see it happen here, at this time, with our program in a toilet, unless we have a proven, winning, and experienced head coach. It’s just too risky for good OCs, DCs, and good assistants. Now, if we give them record dollars, with record setting 5 yr contracts, with record setting buyouts on our part, maybe.