Better effort and better coached but

Lack of speed and lack of depth still a big problem. Speed defiency was most obvious on special teams. I think 2 1/2 Quarters of competitve football is about what we can expect in most of these games.

It takes time, looking hopeful.


I will take it! GA had the better athletes in some spots and made the plays but we look a lot better than the last couple of years

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Not trying to be a sunshine pumper but I’m pretty happy with what I saw

We got some lucky breaks from a UGA team that was very sloppy and helped us a lot in the first half

Still what I saw was a very capable Ark QB

Some role playing receivers

A transformed defense

The thing I loved most was the fight in this team

Thus Razorback team was overmatched talent wise but they didn’t back down

Shoot at the end of the 4th wrt Bumper Pool was on fumes

I like this team love their effort

Now can they Mainrain this intensity

Air raid next week we need that D Line to penetrate a lot

And our offense to score points and lots of them

Go Hogs Go

TYSM Coach Sam - keep building

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GA was able to platoon 6-7 men at a time on defense and without any talent drop off. Just to many really good athletes.


Georgia had 37 defensive players play at least 100 snaps last year, a byproduct of all the substitutions and being up big enough that backups were able to log a lot of playing time late in games.

There are so many Georgias on our schedule. Teams with freakish D-linemen and speed galore across their roster. That may have been the best Defense we’ll face, but it will not be the best Offense. Next week we get air raided. I think we are much better than we’ve been, but I just don’t know which if any of these 10 teams we are going to beat.

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Correct Matt, their depth is incredible with 4-5 star players on both sides of the ball.

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