Better D next year?

DG signing has me thinking about lots of sacks next year. not that we’ll be a great D, but really should be improved.

  1. DE: with Agim and DG, nice start. It’ll be interesting to see which players they move to “rush end” this spring. Bell here?

  2. DT: big question mark. ACapps could hold a spot, and we all hope Ferrell is a stud, but he’ll be a true frosh in a man’s position. I’m not sure they won’t move Capps to OL, in hs always thought he’s be a better college OL than DL. Who else is here. Guidry here?

  3. LB: Scoota is a stud. Greenlaw has had ups and downs. frosh look good and several on current roster looked good out of hs but have never seen the field.

  4. CB: Pulley should be full speed and NFL ready. 2 frosh were broken in last year and look good.

  5. Safety: ugh. let’s hope they can keep Santos calm and consistent. let’s hope MBrown is all he was hyped to be and a quick learner. Afraid we may be playing frosh here, a little scary.

So we have All-SEC caliber players at DE, LB and corner, not a bad start. It’ll be interesting to see if Capps goes to OL, who tries rush end, who can play DT decently, how we patch together a couple safeties.


point 1 is going to make point 2 much better. Agim and Gerald will be drawing double teams that keep the interior guys in 1 on 1

This is my attempt at guessing the August Defense. Of course, Spring will help but we won’t have D Gerald here for spring.

Defense Guess?

DE- Agim, Guidry, G Richardson
DT- TJ Smith, Marshall
NT- Capps, Watts, Ferrell
DE- Gerald, Bell, M Taylor

WLB- Greenlaw, Walker, LaFrance
MLB- Scoota Harris, Fischer, Morgan
SLB – Ramsey, Jean-Baptiste

CB- Pulley, Calloway
CB- Curl, Tutt, Curtis

SS- Ramirez, Foucha
FS- Buster Brown, Mason

I bet that’s pretty close to what it will be.

As far as the defense getting better, it sure would be hard for them to get worse. I expect them to be much better. Top 50? I don’t know, but if so we will have a very good season.

Grant Morgan a walk-on, was the number one backup at both inside LB positions last year. Why would he be 3rd team this year?

I think they will move Agim inside in some obvious passing situations, as he has proven to typically be too quick for most interior OL to handle and that lets you put another good pass rusher on the field.

I think Briston Guidry is going to be playing quite a bit at one of the DT spots as well.

The position I don’t know about that is so important is nickel. Cornerback play must improve, but a pass rush sure would help. I keep thinking defense has to improve. Agim and Gerald are the other key players. I’m interested to see if Gabe Richardson makes a jump.

Mason and Foucha are true freshmen that could both get run at the nickel

  1. Morgan could be the back up at at least 2 ol 3 LB sports. I bet Bumper Pool plays as well.

  2. I think safety is better off this season with an improved Ramirez in a contract year, Brown getting run, the versatile Mason and Foucha joining the depth.

Unless several people step forward, I don’t see Capps moving from the DL to OL. Not sure why would move somebody from a need position and who has had success there to be a back-up OL.

i wonder if there is any thought to converting any offensive guys over to defense, say maybe Austin Cantrell or Hayden Johnson.

That might be the case.

Coach Morris made it clear that he and his staff will be moving some players, but other than Maleek Barkley going from WR to TB he didn’t want to get into it at this point.

I just felt that Kyrei has a bigger frame to handle MLB and back up Scoota. I love Morgan but he is a little smaller. Trust me, I am just guessing on this depth chart.

Clay and Dudley, what about Bell under Caldwell and Chavis?? Could they be the coaches to reach him?

Also, what about the Lbers we signed last year in Paul, Derrick Munson and Henry?

And last does Kevin Richardson have a shot at a 6th year and would he fill the role of nickel?

I would not expect Capps to move to the OL at this point in his career. They are going to need two DTs, not one, in this system. So I’d be stunned if you’d do that. I don’t see him with the lateral speed to play OT. So you have guards in Johnny Gibson and Hjalte Froholdt.

NCAA rule

K Richardson has had an optional redshirt year. Under NCAA rules a student-athlete can’t have both an optional redshirt and medical redshirt year in their career.

Kevin’s eligibility is done. Bell is long and fast. But he’s not ever been someone who seemed to want to blow someone up.

Better defense? In one word

Yes! It will at least be exciting because it will be like boarbaions attacking and sacking Rome

Relentless attacking

The Hogs May lose but they will leave a mark because they will be attacking on offense and defense

I’ve wanted a coach who was a pirate now we got one @Are Are Arkansas

Attack attack attack - sack, plunder burn the SEC - make them never want to come back and make the SEC hate the day they let Arkansas in

Break the rules of convention - be a swashbuckling Are Are Arkansas Pirate

What we have to understand is the defense could be much improved and not improve in your major defensive stats. If we are full-tilt boogie on offensive the defense will have to play alot more plays per game than we are used to. We will need to be disruptive and cause turnovers to allow the offense to outscore our opponent. This is fine with me. 42-35 and 14-7 are both 7 point victories.

I never hear any talk at all about Micah Smith or Deon Edwards as potential candidates at FS. Is it safe to assume they are not ever going to emerge as potential starters?