Beth Mowins vs. Jessica Mendoza

We have had discussions here several times about broadcaster Beth Mowins. Several of you dislike her as a play-by-play commentator. Y’all have complained about her voice. (I have wondered if it is her upper-Midwest accent.) I actually like her and feel she is good at her job.

Tonight Jessica Mendoza is one of the three commentators for Sunday Night Baseball. I think that she brings a lot to the broadcast. The others are A-Rod (I don’t like him, but I think that is a function of his playing time, etc.) and Matt Vasgersian.

I wonder what y’all think?

I really am kind of ambivalent to both of them - don’t hate them, for sure; but neither am I a fan, so to speak. I do, however, respect them for making names for themselves in a male dominated position.

I think one difference is that Mendoza has bona fides on the diamond herself, albeit softball instead of baseball. Still, many aspects of the game are very, very similar. No woman has that in Football; a few do in basketball (Cheryl Miller and Nancy Lieberman come to mind). On the other hand, Beth and Doris Burke were the true pioneers of play-by-play for TV sports. What their respective athletic careers (if any) was, I have no idea. But they earned their way to where they are. Kudos to them! Their efforts surely made it easier for Mendoza to do what she does.

Just my $.02.

I was one of the posters who is not a fan of Beth Mowins, primarily due to her voice. I think Jessica Mendoza is very good at what she does. She offers insight into the art of hitting, plus she has a good sense of humor. Two thumbs up!!

I can’t stand a broadcast with Mowins mostly because of her voice but I don’t think she brings a lot to the broadcast either.
Mendoza is decent and has a good personality but I don’t watch her enough to say much. I have seen plenty of Mowins, if I want to watch i suffer through it.

Mendoza brings far more to the broadcast than Mowins. I don’t turn the channel if Mowins is on the call. But my interest heightens if I realize that Mendoza is in the booth. I think Mendoza is good both with her information and a solid delivery with a bit of personality. I believe that Mendoza has a connection with players and understands the game that she is calling far better than Mowins. Basically, one is a true analyst. Mowins just gives you the bare minimum doing the play-by-play. And, her ability to mesh with her broadcast partner is something I don’t think she’s mastered. Her strong suit is her ability to take the info from her spotters and deliver it smoothly into the play-by-play. But as far as knowing the game, I don’t hear anything from her that suggests she does. I would call what she does vanilla and workmanlike. She is being given a chance to develop probably because someone in high up places thinks they are going to be applauded by some in the sport for giving a female a good shot at making it. So far I don’t feel that she has developed into someone who should be given the A game.

Most who know me understand that I detest Doris Burk. She does analyst work on NBA games. I generally turn to another channel if she is on the call. (I don’t mind if she’s just doing interviews with coaches during breaks.) She talks in a monotone that just is not suited for TV work. She says things like, “Incredible elevation there.” Or, “Off the bounce, he’s terrific.” Well, duh, we all can see that without needing a comment and one in a monotone. The good news is that she is so low key that you don’t know she’s there. That would not be what I’d think the TV executives would want. She has developed a kind of following among players that is interesting. They clearly like her. I think they have adopted her as their grandmother and maybe that’s good. But I don’t need to be listening to a grandmother do color analyst. Yes, she knows the game. I just don’t understand why she’s on the broadcasts. I realize at this point she’s not going away and that makes me sad. She just has a blah personality. She tells me the sort of stuff that I don’t place any value. For instance, she would say something on a golf broadcast (if she did one, God forbid) like, “There’s Tiger, wearing his Sunday red.” And, then stop. Yeah? What about it? We already know that’s his Sunday red. What makes that noteworthy to mention? She probably knows, but she isn’t going to tell us.

no comaparison IMO between Mowins and Mendoza…Mendoza has a much better speaking voice and her knowledge of the sport is very good…I love her comments and enjoy listening.Mowins voice is a big turnoff to me to be honest…Mendoza is easy on the eyes too and that is never a bad thing :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I am one that can not stand Mowin’s voice and accent. It is similar to nails scratching a chalk board. I think ESPN should try to keep her from doing SEC games and let her stick to BIG 10 and other conference games. Mendoza is ok for me.

Mendoza much easier on the ears than Beth. Poor Beth just hits all the wrong notes. It’s a tonal thing. Simple as that.

I’ve enjoyed listening to Jessica M this summer when I have time to catch a MLB game. She knows her stuff & has a good way of stating her point without being too over the top. Easy to listen to.

The other one makes my ears wanna throw up! She’s difficult to listen to and reminds me of a whiney chemistry professor I had in college in her tone & voice inflection. I had that chemistry class 8am for the whole dang year, and it was torture. Like I said, made my ears hurt to the point they wanted to rebel & throw up! Kinda like vertigo/raking nails across a chalkboard. I still hate organic chemistry to this day because of that woman! Beth Mowins is in That same class of voice IMO.

Gee, its just baseball who really cares how bad either one is, turn down the tv.

Big difference between Mendoza and Mowins. Jessica is an analyst. Granted, the slow pace of baseball leaves more time for analysis, but she’s not carrying the load. Beth is play by play. She is carrying the load. I’m not listening to any announcer for their pleasing tones. I want the information, and Beth delivers that. Doesn’t matter to me what Jessica looks like either; I’m not going to ask either one for a date. Jessica’s married anyway.

Men should do men’s sports and women should do women’s sports. Sorry, but that is how I feel. Mowins voice is the absolute pits. I will not watch a game with Mowins…or, if I do watch it, the sound goes mute.

All right, hoginpinehurst, what about Jessica Mendoza?

Jessica. All Day. Everyday. Very talented and knowledgeable

One of the things I like about JM, is that she does a good job of staying on subject and not talking just to be heard. I’ve really come to appreciate this quality in an analyst. While I loved Tim McCarver and Jim Edmonds as players, they tend to go off on long winded rants and miss what is happening right in front of them in the present. Jessica doesn’t do that.

Does Beth Mowins actually talk like that normally? It is one of the most unpleasant voices to listen to, male or female, I have ever heard. She seems to be straining to speak in deeper tones using vocal chords not made for that. There are female voices on sports telecasts all over ESPN, the Olympic coverage, etc. that I have no problem listening to and appreciating their comments. Beth is just painful to listen to. Heaven forbid she ever does a Razorback game. It will be true torture.

She’s already done some. La Tech game in 2016 for one.

There is a new reporter on KATV Channel Seven in Little Rock who has a very annoying, contrived, artificial way of talking. He is very annoying to listen to AND he tilts his head and talks out of the side of his mouth so he is annoying to watch talk as well. I am telling this story to illustrate that I don’t discriminate when I declare someone’s voice is not enjoyable and almost painful to listen to. So, when I say Beth Mowins voice style is worse than bad, I am not being a sexist pig. I just have a low tolerance for bad articulation and tonality. Mendoza is fine. Mowins has risen far above her level of incompetence thanks to affirmative action, I guess.

I like analysts who analyze and not spend most of their time with stories. Stories are fine more in baseball than other sports, because of the downtime. For instance, I really loved the stories of Eduardo Perez and Kyle Peterson when they were in Fayetteville. That said, I think Mendoza does a good job overall. Her voice is pleasant and she contributes to the broadcast.

Mowins stands out kind of like a sore thumb on her broadcasts. The fact she’s play-by-play is part of the issue, but some of it is voice and lack of info. I don’t prefer to listen to her, but more than anything, the appeal of the game itself, not the announcers, is the deciding factor to watch or go to another channel.

I understand those who dislike her voice. But I would say that lack of info in her case is the fault of the analyst who works with her. She seems to do the play-by-play adequately, but she has been paired with questionable analysts.