Betcha can't guess who the first reporter was

To ask MA about the F-1.

It was Ol Slappy Jeff Goodman.

Reporters were specifically instructed to ask all their questions to the players, and once the players were finished it would just be MA up there taking questions.

But, Goodman asked MA and one of the players aboht the F-1. The moderator blocked it and said reserve it for the HC portion of the PC.

It was probably coincidental but I thought it was notable considering Goodman’s obvious dislike of MA and the program.

When asked about it later during the appropriate time by a different reporter MA answered and was very matter of fact about it being a F1.

He seemed irritated about the attention being paid to it–probably because it didn’t caused the outcome but hastened it.

Not Arkansas related, is the guy being serious?

Yep, I heard it as well. Goodman tries everything he can to delegitimize CMA, it wasn’t coincidental, he probably ran over someone to make it there in time to ask that question. I don’t know what CMA did to him, but it’s beyond personal to him. He’s the same guy that was saying CMA was on the hot seat alongside Johnny Jones and Kim Anderson, and this was when we were like 17-5 or something like that. And he was the same guy arguing saying we weren’t a top 25 team when we were ranked in 2014-15. He just starts stuff for no reason at all.

In something else slightly less related. Can CBS/Turner get some actual analyst that watch college basketball to call the games. Chris Webber had no idea what he was talking about the whole game, I could tell he hasn’t seen a single razorback or seton hall game this year, only players he knew were Hannahs, Kingsley, and Delgado. And the reason I bring him is because of all the rambling he was doing about the flagrant at the end of the game. It was an obvious call. There’s plenty of qualified college basketball analyst out there. Let these NBA guys stick to the NBA, unless they choose to actually do research and learn about the teams. Guys like Kenny Smith and Grant Hill are usually good at being a professional and doing that. Charles Barkley and Chris Webber… not so much.

at least Barkley is entertaining…Webber is horrible, obviously does no research of his own & seems always to be a play behind

Goodman and Matt Jones from Kentucky sports radio are both very one sided!

Matt Jones should be one-sided. He runs a fan show for the Jellycats. Goodman purports to be a journalist for an impartial national media concern. I would really like to know what MA did to pee in Goodman’s Wheaties.

Swine there’s one thing for sure Mike Anderson doesn’t owe Jeff Goodman nothing! And the he fabricated the hot seat deal aginst Mike Anderson you can’t blame him. It doesn’t look like it will go away any time soon.

Barkley is entertaining on inside the NBA, when they have their normal crew joking around. When he’s trying to talk about college basketball with the CBS crew it’s horrible. He barely knows any of the players. And when they ask him about the game he just says it’s going to come down to which team’s best player plays the best. He said that for every single game they talked about. I’m almost sure he doesn’t know more than 15 players name that’s in the tournament, and I’m being generous with that guess. It’s just an insult to all the qualified analyst and all the analyst that actually do their research. Kenny Smith bails Charles out all the time when he has no idea what he’s talking about. His only job is to watch basketball, and he only works like twice a week for a few hours. That’s just embarrassing not to know anything.

I walked all around the arena looking for Goodman, but never found him.

Not sure what I would have done if I saw him. Kicked him in the shin maybe… Probably not though.

Blu, 1st I agree, I laugh at the NBA announcers doing the college broadcasts. It’s funny. Smith and Hill are good, but I think ESPN with Bilas and Williams has better analysis, even though they, much like Dickie V, tend to show their blue blood bias’ during the game. 2nd, Webber wasn’t the only one. I watched so many shows yesterday saying bad call, even when coaches (like Pearl) said he fouled wrong. The coaches understand what they’re supposed to teach (there was 4 different coaches yesterday that said if he would have grabbed his arm, it would not have been a flagrant, but because no play on the ball it was, by rule, a flagrant) and the people interviewing them were still arguing. Why do you call in “experts” then still argue with them when they explain it.

Now, was Goodman the guy that asked Seton Hall’s coach about the Macon travel?

Comments: I believe his tweet tells you exactly where he is coming from. Personally I’m not familiar with his body of works, and now I understand why. At the same time he has left others with the perception that he doesn’t care for Mike and I do see that as well…