Bet against Mike Anderson?

“When it comes down to it, I think you can make a lot of money betting against Mike Anderson. So I would bet against Mike Anderson making the tournament.” - Rob Dauster on yesterday’s NBC Sports podcast discussing preseason All-American teams.

To my knowledge, Rob Dauster doesn’t have anything personally against Coach Anderson or the University of Arkansas, but this is the second time he has said something to that effect. This is driving me crazy because I can’t find a history of Mike Anderson teams underachieving. They always seem to finish roughly at or above where they are predicted to finish. I understand how coaches like Johnny Jones get reputations like this but I have no idea why he would feel that way about Mike Anderson. … ican-team/
The podcast is located within the article. The above comments can be found as part of a brief discussion that starts at approximately 37:00. They were discussing who should be the 3rd team All-American center. Dauster said Bam Adebayo of Kentucky and one of his co-hosts said Moses Kingsley. Dauster basically said that Kingsley may have better numbers but questioned if Arkansas would make the tournament.

I would imagine he just didn’t do any detail checking on the situation currently at Arkansas. Because so many sportscasters and writers beat the “Mike can’t win on the road in the SEC” drum his first few years here, that is stuck in his mind.

Also, I would imagine he took only a cursory look at last year’s record and this year’s recruiting class ranking and based his thoughts on that. As I’ve brought up before, the recruiting services give little to no weight on JUCOs in their rankings. So, if he did not look further into the class to see we had 3 of the 5 top JUCOs (and Dustin Thomas eligible), it would be pretty normal for him to think the Hogs’ chances of making the tournament are pretty slim.

I’m guessing his was just a really uninformed statement about Mike and the Hogs.

Comments: Personally I considered that article as gravy meat sauce over my biscuits with two eggs and hash brown potatoes , what a great motivation tool to help keep your team focus throughout the season with comments such as those from a sports writer. Who knows what drives his perceptions, and if the truth is known it may not be anything of substances. I keep sharing this prediction as it relates to our heralded future recruiting classes 2017 through 2020, this 2016 team will raise and set the bar high enough that all the teams that follow will be measured by.

This Rob Dauster guy is a Vassar econ graduate who never tried to get a job in his field. He was a bench warmer for the Vassar men’s basketball team. This made him an expert.

Instead, he created a college hoop blog on Blogspot and used his writing there to help NBCSports start up CollegeBasketballTalk (originally called “BeyondtheArc”).

He has no training in journalism and does not do real reporting, more like third-hand-informed blogging.

Not long after MA took over at Arkansas, Dauster posted that he expected Anderson to lead Arkansas to a resurgence.

By early 2012, Dauster was posting sour things. Here’s one example: “Georgia 81, Arkansas 59: You really expected a Mike Anderson (team) to perform on the road?” And there were other posts that showed Dauster fell in love with Frank Haith after his early success at Missouri, replacing MA. He wrote many things about how Haith rescued the Missouri players from the malaise of MA’s coaching.

I guess Haith’s fall from grace did not change much.

Oh, well - it does not hurt to have naysayers out there. Makes it look all the better when the team outperforms expectations.

I think most losers trying to be something try to write controversial articles for attentions. He bashes Mike, which I believe to be a compliment to our program and support for Mike. It means we are relevant. This dude doesn’t make money for being right. He makes money trying to be dead wrong!

Not long after MA took over at Arkansas, Dauster posted that he expected Anderson to lead Arkansas to a resurgence.

Lets hope he is right on this one statement, which is partly true already, will be completely true after this coming season and next and on and on and on.