Best win percentages in college hoops history

Lot of SEC programs not on this list…

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A few more years with Muss driving the train the hogs can climb a few spots up that list. Also of note a few more year with Greaseball at Kentucky they may fall a few spots. The same can be expected for the Tar Heels.

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I wonder how many spots Louisville fell this year?

Louisville had 123 wins vacated by the NCAA (including their entire 2013 natty season) or they’d be a lot higher. Actual on-court percentage is .669 which would be seventh. But, including the vacated wins, it was .674 before last season. A .005 increase would still have them behind Murray State.

You know Muss’s winning percentage at Arkansas is 0.62, which is less than Arkansas’s all tine winning percentage. It is not as easy as you think. He will need several seasons like his second and third season without any significant dips to move the needle.

Where did you get that? He’s 95-42 at UA, which is .693 (20-12, 25-7, 28-9, 22-14).

However, your point that it would take sustained success to move the needle much is valid. Louisville’s 4-28 this season only dropped them .005. From our current .642, if we ran the table for the natty next year, which would be 40-0, it would only get us up to .647. Let’s say we went 28-7 for the next two years which is an .800 for the season; that would put us at .646. Three 28-7s would get us to .648. Etc.

My mistake. I must have punched the wrong button on the calculator. Sorry.

No problem. It happens. I looked it up on Muss’ Wikipedia page and then confirmed their numbers myself; his UA bio page doesn’t have that info for some reason. HogStats also confirms 95-42.

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