Best we've moved and attacked all yr

I’ve seen more people cutting and moving to the basket then we have all year looks like a totally different offense.

So are you saying we play better without Gafford?

Harris is so quick tonight. We look a lot faster than providence

Pretty sweet performance so far.

Did I say we were playing better without Gafford???no I said it’s the best we’ve moved and attacked all year . I’ve been wanting us to run this offense all year long

I have a feeling Dan got in the way of running this offense

They have played great tonight with 5 out.

They - including the head coach - have adjusted well.

And the quickness difference between the Razorbacks and Friars has been like the one between Alabama and Arkansas on football

We could have ran this with Gafford he has the athleticism of a guard. Anyway it looks really good when the floor is spread out and people are cutting and moving to the basket.

If Gafford had a consistent jump shot, yes. Since he didn’t, whoever guarded him would just camp down low. Providence can’t do that tonight.

They did run some of it when Gafford was on the bench this season.

They did not run it this well.

I truly believe they are doing this in part because of the chip that is on the shoulder from their coach being criticized and the players believing the fans are against them as well.

We could have ran this with Gafford he has the athleticism of a guard. Anyway it looks really good when the floor is spread out and people are cutting and moving to the basket.

I wouldn’t have put Gafford down low I would have had him out on the wing and have him breaking to the basket to he’s much quicker anybody will be guarding him… it was good to see the team have some success they certainly deserve it.

That is the Hog Ball we want to see, but Providence looked so slow. Maybe they had an off night, but we were way more athletic and much quicker. I am surprised and happy for the coach and team. WPS.

It does look good, especially when you shoot 51 percent from the field, 48 percent from the 3 and 76 percent from the line.

This team did not shoot like that most of the season and was not a strong rebounding team, something that would have hurt them even more if Gafford had not played close to the basket.

So I respectively disagree strongly and will not let this great effort from them tonight playing that way change my mind on how they should have played 4 out, 1 in all season.

I think the reason we got those rebounds is the floor was spread out and there wasn’t a congestion around the goal they just had to beat one guy for the rebound. Yes we probably can’t count on shooting that will again but the movement of the offense is very hard to guard and leaves a lot open space to maneuver and pass

Thrilled we got the win and sorry I missed the game with kiddos on spring break.

With all respect, and while some truth that the players might be playing with a chip because of some fans, I hope that is not a singular motivation. or being pushed by coaches because that can be artificial and not very introspective for players of a proud program where some fans are going to be disappointed in an otherwise we sub par year.

I would hope the chip is somewhat because they are dissapointed themselves in their performance this year and have high expectations and want to prove some wrong and prove something to themselves and simply improve as a team.

Tough for kids to take some criticism but I doubt there are many situations anywhere at high D 1 college ball where a program has top 15 NCAA appearance history where fans aren’t dissapointed not making dance.

I hope the kids can keep up the good work and continue to build confidence in themselves and their play. I suspect those fans looking for hope will grasp it quickly.

And thrilled for Mike tonight. No doubt he, coaches and players have heard some criticism.

This is real. Us against the world never seems to last. I would think that they can play for themselves and their university with a touch of disappointment for how the season went. I would hope the fans are against us crap is just that, crap. Most fans only want them to play hard and win. Grouping the discontent, team sucks, fire the coach crowd with real fans is sad.

I thought the first half of the Kentucky game, when Gafford was on the bench early with foul trouble, gave us a glimpse of what the Hogs would look like next year. The spacing in that game left the middle open for drives just like last night. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when you hit your first 4 or 5 3 pointers either.


You are so right about rebounds. Very astute observation.

That is the way they played last year with Gafford instead of putting him in back to the basket situation. This year also started out that way but somewhere it turned into post feeding frenzy. After every loss fans and media started pointing out how many touches Gafford had. After wins, no one cared how many touches Gafford had, of course, And that took life of its own and we turned Gafford into a Kareem Abdul Jabbar type of a center, which he was not, leading to turnovers, standing around and a tweener motion offense.

Gafford was one of a kind to watch. I will miss seeing him on the floor at BWA. However, I won’t miss the constant yelling from the stands “give it to him, give it to him”.