Best we looked all year....

Got a glimpse at the future with Jones and Bailey play tonight. Man Jones has the prettiest jump shot I’ve seen in a while - the elevation and the form is top level.

Everyone played well and it was the best defense of the year by far.

The last 2 games the defensive rotations have been a lot better and we have been active and have pressured the ball very well. They seem to be starting to figure out some things.

It was a fun game to be at tonight. This team has the potential to be a good and fun team to watch if they can play great defense. Hopefully, the crowds will keep getting bigger and bigger. Go Hogs!!!

28 assists on 40 made field goals. That’s good stuff.

I think Mike found something with his rotations last night. Let’s keep it going Tues and get 15k in there.

AP came into the game shooting a trey in less than every 3 possessions and making almost 37%. Last night they got a trey off about every 4.3 possessions and converted 24%. That’s the best our arc defense has looked this season. We denied them looks.

Amen, Young guys played well and the defense showed up last night, Hogs showed up to play. If we can have consistent play on both sides of the ball we could be tough by Sec tournament time, we have the talent it seems to get it done. WPS