Best two out of three

After watching the games yesterday, maybe they should reduce it from four to two teams for the national title and Ga. and Al. play best two out of three for the national championship



No one outside of the South would watch

Those yankee’s need to get on the ball…. :wink:


Alabama and Georgia likely to play twice.

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It sure looks that way.

Both teams are just head over heels better than all the rest. I’m glad Georgia won’t be on the hogs schedule next season.




And this is why some of us purists are against expanding the College Football Playoff at all.

Oh, I know it’s coming…eventually. But the reason for that is ALL about money and “equal access” and not at all about truly finding THE BEST team in the country.

Everyone…everyone… knows by now that either Georgia or Alabama is the best team in the country. Less than halfway through this particular season, that much is known by anyone who has any kind of grasp on what College Football is all about.

So - were an expanded playoff in effect now (which, of course, it is not) - We’d subject Bama and Georgia to 3 more minefield games (after they’ve already gone through the SEC gauntlet AND played each other in the SECC game) to get to a re-match.


Let’s say that an undefeated Georgia, fresh off of a 2 TD win over Alabama, plays Oregon in the second round in the Rose Bowl on a rainy day and uncharacteristically fumbles 4 times and misses a couple of medium range FG’s due to bad footing, resulting in a 2 point loss to a 10-2 Ducks team ranked 10th in the country. Then, Bama trounces Oregon (in a dome) by 17 points.

What has that proven? Bama got it’s doors blown off by Georgia, and then beat an Oregon team that Georgia beats 8 or 9 times out of 10 in a dome (but played them in bad weather, randomly). How does that make Bama #1?

Four is plenty, because it removes a lot of “noise” (in this context, teams that have NO business being in the conversation about what team is truly the best in the country) from the equation, eliminating the possibility of “flakey” results contaminating the process.

I’m right about this, and I know it. But I also know that the transition to idiocracy moves forward, regardless, in all areas of life.

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I’m with you Wiz. I don’t ever remember a year when by the end of the year there was more than at most 5 teams I thought could win it all, and most years it was 2 maybe 3.

The playoff is about people being getting an ego participation trophy by saying they played in the national championship playoff. Sure there will be a year when david slays a goliath in an early round, but I’ll get no more thrill out of that than I do when it happens in the middle of the year.

Keep it up and college football will become like college basketball where fewer and fewer watch during the season and just wait until the tournament to watch anyone but their home team.

The only upside I see is if they truly extend the season by several games which just gives me more football to watch; however, I’ll take what we have now over 12 or 16 team playoff.

The more games, more chances the best team finishes without a couple of key players and loses. That would be unfortunate.

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This is what I’ve been pointing out for years now…people think that the more games you play, the better chance you have of finding the “real” champion, but it’s exactly the opposite. The more games you play, the more chances for the “true” champion to stub his toe and be eliminated, regardless of the fact that he had dominated all season long and had “lapped the field”.

Kind of like what happened to us in Baseball. We lose 2 out of 3 to NC State at that point in the season, if it was NOT in the playoffs, and we are still ranked #1 in the country, by a pretty comfortable margin…our overall resume was still far better than anyone else’s, any way you’d want to evaluate it.

Same thing can/will happen in college football, if the field is expanded.


You are preaching to the choir.

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More playoffs can lead to more parity and other teams like Arkansas getting more 4 and 5 stars. Simple reasoning, if a bigger pool of teams making playoffs then a bigger pool for 5 stars to jump in. My thoughts, thanks


In some cases. But many (most?) still fail to understand this.

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