Best tweet of the night so far

and it comes from our very own Dudley E. Dawson (PS: I think the E. stands for Enormous Cubs Fan) LOL



Dude is a valuable player, he was taking charges making assists, and getting tough rebounds while we could barely buy a bucket. He is a championship team player!!


In Coach’s postgame presser, Dudley got the last question of the Zoom session. When the moderator prompted DD, he was a little late on the response, as only his Celtics logo was apparently present on Coach’s screen.

Obviously the win helped Coach be in a playful mood with the media……… “Dudley, I know you weren’t checking the Celtics score. They don’t play again until tomorrow when they play Brooklyn.”


Leave it to Muss to know that off the top of his head. He is a basketball junkie for sure.

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