Best traditions in college football

A YouTube poster has made three videos of top traditions in college football. Slapping the sign at Notre Dame. Enter Sandman at VaTech. Running down the hill at Clemson. Touching the banner at Michigan. The Penn State white out, which is pretty darn impressive at a night game.

But yes, little old Arkansas made his list too.

There’s one tradition I saw that I have yet to figure out which school it is. People in purple rocking back and forth, right before our entry. Which is right before Enter Sandman.


The other two videos:




Also included is a brand new tradition that I love: Iowa fans turning toward the children’s hospital overlooking Kinnick Stadium to recognize the very real battles going on with those sick kids.

That’s Kansas State doing the Wabash Cannonball.

I actually wondered if that might be K-State, but the audio (or perhaps its my admittedly deteriorating hearing) was not clear that it was the Wabash Cannonball.

The USC tradition really fires up their fans–all 10 of them. :smiley:

Virginia Tech Hokies rock with Enter the Sandman. They wear maroon or purple.

Yeah, that’s Kansas State with the Wabash Cannonball. I like Va. Tech’s entrance with Metallica (although I’m not a metal guy). Probably most people don’t think Metallica is really heavy metal these days. They are on the mild side.

Really hope Chad tries to spice up our game day entrance, we could use something added to the hog call.

It’s so vanilla right now. I’m ready for woo pig chewy!

I could not agree more. One of the benefits of my job is getting to go around to a lot of college football stadiums and Arkansas’ gameday experience just does not compare to most of the others in the SEC. I can only think of a few - Missouri, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss and Kentucky - that are not better.

I think a lot of it has to do with the number of in-game presentations and commercials, and attempt to make everyone - old-timers, young people, band, cheerleaders, DJs, sponsors - happy. The crowd should dictate the atmosphere. Arkansas’ gameday is too choreographed.

I noticed that, but the thing with the SoCal band and the sword is probably two hours before game time.

The better USC tradition is the Trojan riding Traveler, the white horse, onto the field.

Speaking of SC, they brought a small band to Fayetteville for the rematch in 2006. I heard them playing outside BWA before the game. The song was “Tusk,” the Fleetwood Mac hit which our band plays for the mascot (and which included the USC band in the original recording). And they were doing their chants along with the music. The main chant I heard, even in Fayetteville, was “U-C-L-A sucks.”

Also recall a few very nice Trojan fans stopping by the Webhog tailgate that afternoon. My opinion of SC and its fans went up several notches that day, although the way Pete Carroll ran it up in the fourth quarter did not endear him to me. I actively dislike the Seahawks now because of that.

Here’s the official Fleetwood Mac video of Tusk, shot at Dodger Stadium and including the SC band. If SC didn’t use this in recruiting, they should have.


Without rehashing my support for Jeff Long, I didn’t agree with everything he did, and the obsessive scripting of gameday (football and hoops) was one thing I disliked, whether he actively created that or let the underlings do it for him.

Yes, “Tusk” is a better SC tradition. Sure would like to get them back on the schedule sometime soon. Them or UCLA home-and-home. May mid-2020s.