Best tournament coaches according to 537

Look who is #15 (#39 overall since 1985) among active coaches. The standard is exceeding the number of expected wins at the beginning of the tourney.

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This is too positive. This thread won’t go too far.

Ummmmm, yeah it will, the name I see Frank Martin.

Mike is 39.

Wow there are some legends on that list. To see some of those names really takes you back…

Don’t understand about Frank Martin…wow.

I was surprised to see Bob Knight so far down the list.

He is saying he is 15th among active coaches as listed by school name and 39th overall among all coaches, according to the rankings.

Some of the coaches ahead of him like Rick Majerus are, let’s say, less than active.

In fact, 24 Rick Majerus’s are above Mike. So that makes him Top 15 active. But some folks don’t want to hear that.

Ummmm…I don’t think that’s what he’s saying

There are three on the list that are, well really retired

Just to clarify by “active” I mean currently coaching a college basketball team. A few ahead of CMA like Donovan are still coaching, but not college ball. A few are retired from coaching like CNR. Some others are no longer with us

I knew what you meant, but I totally missed the Rick Majerus reference. Duh!