Best thing about this year's Ole Miss win...............

…is it reinforces the mental toughness that this program has excelled at since the Tennessee game last year. We calmly drove down the field to set up the winning field goal against MissState only to have an (I have never seen it before) inside rusher come through untouched to block the winning field goal attempt. That is the only close game bump in the road since that game in Knoxville and it took a freak snafu to make that happen. We have won every close game since. Got beat by two better teams, that day, in A&M and Bama, but every game except MissState that needed us to play better than them late to win the game, we have won. For the record those were Auburn, OleMiss, LaTech, and TCU and now Ole Miss again.

It takes good QB play, great stamina/conditioning, and a will to win that is stronger than the opponents’.

We played great on the road last year. Stomping LSU at Death Valley, winning the OleMiss game at Oxford, and winning at Knoxville. Now it is time to take our great play calling, improving running game, our improving defense, and our improving passing game to Auburn and see if we can do it all again. I think we will. Hogs win 38-35.