Best thing about the win tonight

The Hogs had a bad 8 minutes without a FG from about the 2 min to the 10 min mark of the first half. BUT, they played great defense throughout that offensive drought! Most teams, including the Hogs, let poor shooting and TOs affect their mindset on defense.

That provides a good teaching lesson for Mike. The score was 11-7 Bama seemingly forever, but the Hogs defense kept them close until they could get on a roll. That great defense then was what sparked the nice scoring run that got them a double digit lead later in the first half.

Defense first, second and third. It will lead to some great offense! The players can now look at this tape and see that is “gospel”!

Right and during that spelll, on offense they were playing a lot of one on one basketball on offense. The last ten minutes of the 1st and the whole 2nd half, they shared the ball with the perfect mix of Barfords one on one attacks( Thats his effective game)! I truly hope we see these guys play that way the rest of the way and Baily’s minutes go on the rise! This kid can help make a difference on driving teams like SC, Georgia, and Florida in altering would be off the glass shots that killed us the 1st Florida game as well as Miss St. too.

It’s probably not the best thing about the win, but one very good thing about the win is that Dilibe won’t start any threads. (I just want to point out there are many good things about a win.)

Hmmm, where is that guy? Oh yeah, we won so he’s MIA.

They actually did that at Vandy as well. We only scored 43 points in the first 34+ minutes of that game but managed to win. The 15-point deficit was much more about the offense than the defense. Scoring a glorious 28 points in the final 5+ minutes only managed to get us to an average offensive game. That’s how miserable the first 34 minutes had been on offense.

Actuallyy, he showed up on another thread last night to pee in everyone’s Cheerios. It seems he can’t stand it when anyone is optimistic.