Best team in the SEC

After watching the FL-A&M game and the Bama-OM game, there seems to be a clear best team in the conference, based on these first 3 weeks. That would be GA. Bama probably has the best offense, but, so far, IMO, GA is a better overall team. GA -108 opponents - 37. That includes 2 games against top 10 teams (at the time they played).

We’ll know for sure next week when GA plays at Bama. Very impressive. May be Kirby’s best team since he’s been there.

I agree will be interesting to see who wins this week. I believe Georgia plays at Alabama this week.

Right now, I would go with GA. We will know better Sat. and probably again in Dec.

Whomever the SEC league office determines the best team to be!

I’ll pull for GA over AL. I am sick of Alabummer.


I live about a quarter mile from Georgia. Have tons of Georgia friends. I’ll be rooting for the Dawgs Saturday.

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