Best start in Recruiting in a While!

Three 4 stars and a high 3 that will become a 4. Way to go coaching staff!

It’s a staff that has time to develop relationships and that’s paying off.

So great to see. Congrats coaches

4 4 stars on scout and Arkansas has a 10th ranked class early

Both CBB & CMA have raised their recruiting to a new level and results will follow, as it was said in earlier post it takes a while to build a relationship and obviously they are starting to reap the rewards of good relationships. Keep up the good work guys! WPS

It also helps for Pool and Noland to be encouraging these guys to come to the hill.
Every time the coaches go on a recruiting trip they are planting seeds with young men. It’s not just about the guys they can sign now but they also develop relationship with young me whom are 2 and 3 years out This takes time and a lot of management shills to accomplish. This is life blood of your program the work the coaches do to keep the team filled with players to compete.

The Noland kid has been recruiting since he committed. Great start for the 2018 class. All four are solid players.