Best start in 19 years for Hogs

And they will likely be favored in all but 2 remaining games (maybe 3).

That’s not bad for a team that can’t play offense of defense, doesn’t have any plays or players and whose coach is dumb and lazy and just rolls the ball out there.

You forgot a staff that cant coach.

Thank you for your posts. I love your sarcasm. It makes it fun to read the boards.

We did Alabama exactly how OSU did us. We hit a lot of 3 pointers and got to the free throw line, and they missed shots and turned the ball over. When you do that at home you can blow a team out, and that’s what we were trying to some posters on here, but they were convinced CMA is a bad coach and that OSU game was the most embarrassing loss in Razorback history.

How dare you state such a fact!


See. Someone likes me!!!

You just have two different screen names.

Take it with a grain of salt. My wife questions my judgement on a regular basis.

This is good for the next 15 minutes, Adam. Or your next post. :smiley:

By the way, tonight clinches a winning record for the season on Feb. 1. Obviously, we need to finish a lot better than 17-15, but that’s the worst case.

Ok we beat a Alabama team at home that is not going to sniff the NCAA. Great win but lets not beat our chest. This team has some tough games yet to play.

Bama defends well, is big, and plays at a slow pace. That’s a combination that has given us problems. They were ahead of us in the standings and have had good road performances at UGA and MSU. They gave Oregon a good game out west. It helps that they are lousy on O, but I’m relieved to get this one in the books as a laugher. I’m glad that we don’t have to go to Tuscaloosa in a game that would most likely be as fun to experience as your average root canal.

Good point. Good job. Keep it real.

17-5 no matter how you got there

Program has not been great since 1995

Time to appreciate tying best record in 19 years instead of looking for woes

Although I know it is cool now to be negative

No matter the situation, no matter the good news, no matter that someone mentions a postive, you just have to find some way to be negative, don’t you? I’m still looking for anything anyone said or implied that the team has no more tough games or is out of the woods if we don’t continue to play well.

Agreed, they just need to keep coming along and lose this 6 to 8 minute offensive droughts cause that can kill you in any game against a hot team! Throw in some poor refs and you can be seeing the OK ST performance again! Love to see them start gelling from right here on with our two freshman aboard also!!!

I, for one, did not have high expectations for this team. I have been negative at times about them (the MSU game, Lord, still not over that). However, they have a significantly better record at this point than I thought they would, I am excited and proud of them. Lets see where they go from here! I am hoping for about a 4th place finish in the SEC (better would be great, but 4th would be just fine) and at least one win in the SECT. An invite to the NCAA’s and then, anything after that would be just icing on the cake!