Best site to keep up with college baseball scores

What I love about it is it regenerates every day and also if you click on a team it goes to their schedule/results

It is well worth the price of the subscription and provides some in-depth analysis worth reading.

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I don’t pay just use it to check scores everyday, but am sure it would be a, great site for info

I’ve been saying for years that if they did a $50 in season subscription I’d do it, but it’s not worth it for me in the offseason. Fitt and Rogers are great writers though and I enjoy the other newer guys as well, they’ve really built that site up to something great in a short amount of time. I remember when it was just the place you checked the scores on your phone at a game.

Another good site is … it has scores and stats for sports such as softball, basketball, gymnastics, too.

That’s a good site, here is the link to the Arkansas page:

NOTE: The home team usually provides the stats, so using the Arkansas page will not always allow you to find the game.

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