Best scenario for A&M game

It has been said that the better option for Arkansas is to be in the bottom half of the SECT draw. That could have us face LSU or Florida and Auburn in the quarters and give us the best shot to make the semis and then perhaps the final.

In order to that Arkansas needs to remain #10 seed they are now. At the same time it is important to beat the Aggies and remain on the bubble.

So, the best scenario seems to be for Arkansas to beat A&M and Alabama to beat Missouri. Both are road victories but very possible.

Alabama-Missouri game should be in closing minutes as we tip off.

I think we should also want FL to lose and LSU and AUB to win. That way LSU and AUB would be the 2/3 seeds. I don’t think we match up well with FL, but we match up well with the other two (Should be 3-0 against them).

Both scenarios seem very tangible & doable but first & foremost I must stay focused & connected with the first- things- first Muss theory which implies that if we don’t take a&m out, nothing else really matters.

Yeah if we need two wins in Nashville to have a bubble chance on the 15th, it would be better to be playing 7 and 2 then 8 and 1.

I think we match up with Florida better than you think. One we played in the O-Dome where we almost never play well, and two that was while Joe was out.

It doesn’t matter what Missouri does if we win. If we lose, Missouri is tied with Ole Miss a game behind us. We beat Ole Miss, Missouri didn’t. Ole Miss would have to beat Moo U to finish in that tie, but they already blew them out at Oxford so it’s at least conceivable.

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