Best recruiting class in a very long time and dead last in SEC West.....................

…this program has a very long way to go to get competitive. This is, for us, an outstanding class and a significant step in the right direction. We need lots more big steps up that ladder to reach “average” in the SEC West. Go Hogs. Be patient.

Ole Miss jumped ahead because of number of recruits. We have more 4* and higher average recruit rating.

Rivals still has us 19th, right behind USC, which flipped Otey away from us. Rivals also has both Mississippi school behind us.

As an aside, USC should never have anything but a top 10 class in that recruiting area, But they’re Pac-Terrible, so we don’t have to worry about him. Lakia Henry, we’ll see on the field.

A couple of weeks ago didn’t the recruiting services lower some of our recruits rankings for what ever reason ( one example was H Henry) where would they have this class ranked if it wasn’t for that . We keep getting classes like today we are going win a lot of ball games .

Yea, I felt like we cleaned up and are near the bottom of the SEC West in recruiting. That is a little hard to take, but we don’t have any choice except to try to have a year like this year in 2020 if we can. Life is hard in SEC West football, too hard, actually.

Which is why I suspect some are opening up their wallets.

The Hogs signed some really good potential in the class. Can these kids and staff develop the potential? We shall see.