Best players in pro hoops not to be in the HOF

The top 10 of this clickbait list has a couple of very familiar names around Barnhill Arena. Go to pages 42 and 51.
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Three Bucks from the Moncrief era are on the list. Marques Johnson and Terry Cummings, like Moncrief, were also important college players. The best of those Milwaukee teams might have won a championship in many years since in the NBA and would definitely have made the Finals in many years in one of the conferences. As the third best team in the East, they had to get by both Philly and Boston, two of the best teams of all time, just to make the Finals.

Some of the other players on that list that I believe were good enough to be in the HOF are Dandridge, Hardaway, Price, Webber, Robertson, Sikma, Blaylock, and Roundfield. Dan Roundfield is a forgotten player. Since I’ve been a fan of the Hawks, he’s the second best player that has ever worn the uniform besides Wilkins. If I’m drafting my All-Time Hawk team, I’d take him ahead of Mutombo who is in the HOF. Plus, he died heroically trying to save his wife. He’s HOF in all respects and should be remembered.

I agree with you on Roundfield. Remember him from the days when WTBS carried a lot of Hawk games. C-Webb, Sikma and Dandridge as well.