Best Player...

I really think the best player on this team is Daryl Macon. I think he has displayed the defense… the energy… the ability to create shots… the ability to shoot the catch and shoot 3… the athleticism… I think he’s done it all.

Especially with Moses starting slow… I think Macon is our best player. I want more time for him.

I agree. I think as the season rolls on the rotations will tighten a bit. One thing Macon has to do is be aware of staying out of early foul trouble.

He had been completely taken out of a few games (Minnesota being one) by picking up cheap fouls.

Darryl had some tough luck in that regard at MN but he is such a threat that I would like to see him dial it back a bit after he gets a quick foul.

He is one of our most complete players and he also seems to have the clutch gene and a real desire to put Arkansas basketball back on the map.

He is without question (at least in my mind) the most complete player. He doesn’t really do anything poorly and does several things very well. I feel like Kingsley will eventually be the “best” player on this team … but I agree with what you are saying. I do think that Macon’s defense is slightly overrated. He is quick and willing … long arms, etc. It just seems like he gets smoked on dribble penetration sometimes (more than I would think for a really good defender), as do all of our other perimeter defenders. I’m not saying in any way that he is a poor defender. I just think that part of his game is currently slightly overrated.

With all due respect, I’d like to suggest that perhaps the greatest strength of this team is that there is no “best” player, nor should we try to create one. This is a team of many valuable pieces. Dusty Hannahs is the leading scorer. Moses Kingsley has been nominated, pre-season, as the league’s most likely MVP. Dustin Thomas has been credited on this board for recognition as the biggest positive surprise. Anton Beard is acknowledged to be having his best season. Jaylen Barford has already demonstrated comfort with the role of the number one option to have the ball in his hands at crunch time with good results. Daryl Macon, as you suggest, has demonstrated leadership in many categories. Manny Watkins has repeatedly defined hustle for his teammates. AS the season progresses I have little doubt that the remaining 5 players on this deep roster will find occasions to distinguish themselves. For example, Adrio Bailey as most athletic, Trey Thompson as most unselfish.

Let’s just embrace and enjoy the depth that is likely the team’s strength, thereby reducing the possibility of creating destructive distractions.

I agree w don. When I saw title of post it got me to thinking. Macon has been good, but so has Hannah’s at times. Then one game beard. Another game barford. One game it was Thomas then bailey. Can’t forget Moses Or manny even Thompson and cook have excelled. Wait, what about Jones. I like when a different player or a combo steps up each night. Can’t key in on one player. Lord bless the team that plays us even everyone is hitting on all cylinders on the same night.

Can’t believe I left CJ out of the discussion… CJ with the unlimited future potential. Also like how Cook is progressing. Thanks for your response.

Very well stated. Thank you

That leaves out Hazen.

I haven’t seen enough of Brachen to assess his potential. I like what I have seen and hope he doesn’t get discouraged waiting for his opportunity to show what he can do.

I’ve only seen a couple of games, but they seem to have shooters and guys who can beat you off the dribble. I have not seen any focal point to mesh all of it together yet. That could come at some point as they acclimate to each others strengths. Talent-wise, they are better than last year’s group by far. MA has to keep stirring the ingredients in this soup pot and hopefully by mid February the chemistry is there. They need to keep winning to gain confidence ( there could be a few losses before that happens), they (MA) just need to keep focused on the positives and the end game. A team that plays the way they do could be tough to beat when and if the team chemistry light bulb comes on.

You have a good point about having guys who can take you off the dribble. Last year, we only had Dusty in the latter half of the season and a stressed out Beard who could do that. On this team, we have Macon, Barford, Beard, Hannahs that can do that. We now always have guards on the floor that can take you off the dribble. Even Manny is doing that more and more. That is huge.

I agree it will take a while for this team to come together and they will potentially take some double digit losses till then.